Dream SMP But Technobalde Trolled Me... So I Trolled BadBoyHalo

Dream SMP But Technobalde Trolled Me... So I Trolled BadBoyHalo
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  • Sparky
    Sparky2 hours ago

    I love how he misspelled Technoblade, so I'm going to call the pig Technobald now

  • Backyard Boy Gaming
    Backyard Boy Gaming6 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about how technoblade’s name is misspelled in the title. Technobalde 😂

    EXO GOD GAMING18 hours ago

    Technobalde in the title. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sync Zoldyck
    Sync ZoldyckDay ago

    So no one gonna talk about how he spelled techno’s name in the title ‘Technobalde’ he literally low key called him bald

  • Benjamin Hartmann
    Benjamin Hartmann2 days ago

    The title says technobalde and not technoblade lol

  • Amy Anyki
    Amy Anyki2 days ago

    Okay but, are you saying that Techno is bald?

  • Chkrd Productions
    Chkrd Productions4 days ago


  • Noah Foster
    Noah Foster5 days ago

    Why does the title say technobalde instead of technoblade?

  • Official BW Sweat
    Official BW Sweat5 days ago

    BBH’s video: Trolling AntFrost because Skeppy trolled me, because Technoblade trolled Skeppy.

  • Kaila Janecic
    Kaila Janecic5 days ago

    You spelt technoblade in the title wrong hahaha lol

  • Lily Rivers

    Lily Rivers

    2 days ago

    I can’t tell if you’re joking Or if your serious and you haven’t watched Skeppy’s videos

  • Skeptical Bunni
    Skeptical Bunni6 days ago


  • FatalityART
    FatalityART6 days ago

    I love this guys. Why should YOU make CONTENT when PEOPLE makes it FOR YOU

  • eggshelledidiot
    eggshelledidiot7 days ago

    i see technoblade, i click. ITS FREE TECHNOCONTENT

  • hallow Lewis
    hallow Lewis7 days ago


  • Isolde Kyi
    Isolde Kyi7 days ago

    ah yes. technobalde

  • gael gonzales
    gael gonzales8 days ago

    I just want to say. Why does BBH always have half netherite😂 like even now 6 months later he literally has the same armour

  • osheridan
    osheridan9 days ago

    Techno: *Trolls Skeppy* Skeppy: *Gets revenge by trolling BadBoyHalo* Literally everyone: *confused noises_ Plot Twist: *Techno is BBH*

  • Noob King
    Noob King10 days ago

    Bro the title says Techobalde LOL

  • Turtelboi112
    Turtelboi11210 days ago

    poor awesomedude xD

  • Simon fc
    Simon fc10 days ago


    7th EDITOR LINER12 days ago

    dangie bros

  • Boo Stobbs
    Boo Stobbs12 days ago


  • Aloe_Thera
    Aloe_Thera12 days ago

    wait does the title say technobalde

  • All that RANDOM
    All that RANDOM13 days ago

    technoblade: fight! fight! fight!

  • King Pig
    King Pig13 days ago

    I love how techno's minecraft avatar just looks super beefed

  • JAY R0
    JAY R014 days ago

    Ahhh yes, skeppy logic!

  • Muhamad Hakim
    Muhamad Hakim14 days ago

    Read the title and read "technoblade" names carefully

  • Eli Camp
    Eli Camp15 days ago

    technobalde in the title

  • Full Games
    Full Games15 days ago

    Technobalde 🤣🤣

  • Lunatic
    Lunatic15 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how skeppy wrote "technobalde" in the description?

    ABHI GAMER15 days ago

    I saw the video

  • Technoblade never dies
    Technoblade never dies16 days ago


  • floridamandoingweed
    floridamandoingweed18 days ago


  • Quantum Cow
    Quantum Cow18 days ago


  • Potato The Platypus
    Potato The Platypus18 days ago

    If you do the hokey pokey And you shake it all about The horse will come back And you will also start a 3000 year drought

  • fischl enjoyer
    fischl enjoyer18 days ago


  • Sufya2802 Sufya
    Sufya2802 Sufya18 days ago

    What is this the chain of trolls

  • Nayaka Hajadi
    Nayaka Hajadi19 days ago

    he misspelled technoblade. (technobalde)

  • ChloeTheDemon
    ChloeTheDemon19 days ago

    It taking skeppy so long to do the first puzzle.. badboyhalo figuring it out in one try 😂

  • OddHopligans
    OddHopligans20 days ago


  • Coco Noisette
    Coco Noisette21 day ago

    Eret becoming increasingly confused in the chat 😭

  • Mai Madrigal
    Mai Madrigal21 day ago

    Technobalde cant hurt you he isnt real Technobalde:

  • K Ed
    K Ed21 day ago

    I watched this so many times and just realized Technoblade is mispelled as Technobalde lmao

  • Altair
    Altair22 days ago

    Sam:welp that backfired alot

  • Oliver's Network
    Oliver's Network22 days ago

    is nobody talking about technobalde?

  • Ten Thousand Stars
    Ten Thousand Stars22 days ago

    That techno impression is spot on

  • Jafar Hussain
    Jafar Hussain22 days ago

    HOw Do i uNdO iT

  • Leo YEN
    Leo YEN24 days ago


  • Mr beast comment
    Mr beast comment25 days ago

    Technoblade is the best Minecraft player

  • Mikaela Cash
    Mikaela Cash25 days ago

    BBH's obsession with the konami code XD

  • Anton Lampa
    Anton Lampa25 days ago

    it says Technobalde in the title LMAO

  • Babes Bing
    Babes Bing26 days ago


  • FunnyNoob
    FunnyNoob26 days ago

    Title : Techno *Bald*

  • I hate scammers
    I hate scammers26 days ago

    Nobody is talking about how it says “technobalde” in the title of the video

  • Cario For Super Mario
    Cario For Super Mario26 days ago


  • Patsy Rendon
    Patsy Rendon26 days ago


  • Sam harpers
    Sam harpers27 days ago

    Who else noticed that, in the title, instead of "Technoblade" is says "Technobalde"

  • WackDuck
    WackDuck27 days ago

    It is up up down down left right left right A B start

  • Bloop
    Bloop27 days ago


  • Help Yourself
    Help Yourself28 days ago

    I like how skeppy thinks techno wouldn't build this when he has spent hours upon hours farming potatoes like nothing

  • MrCRT
    MrCRT28 days ago

    t e c h n o b a l d e

    DESIRED_ V1S10N28 days ago


  • Nam Hoàng
    Nam Hoàng28 days ago

    How did he do it first try on the maze?!?!?!?!

  • Tom
    Tom28 days ago


  • DigiTal
    DigiTal29 days ago

    technobalde in the title lmao

  • Miles Raefield
    Miles Raefield29 days ago

    bruh u spelled technoblade wrong

  • Shibs
    Shibs29 days ago

    OMG XD

  • Alfredo Jr. Abella
    Alfredo Jr. Abella29 days ago

    Technoblade❎ Technobalde✅

  • Johnathan Li
    Johnathan LiMonth ago

    Yes technobalde not technoblade

  • Player_. ✓
    Player_. ✓Month ago


  • Nick_theDilo
    Nick_theDiloMonth ago

    No one: Title: "Technobalde"

  • Kuroulus Osman
    Kuroulus OsmanMonth ago

    The vidio starts at 2:07

  • Kuroulus Osman
    Kuroulus OsmanMonth ago

    The vidio starts at 2:07

  • AnimeGuardiaN
    AnimeGuardiaNMonth ago

    Nobody gonna talk about, how its technobalde

  • EshGaming
    EshGamingMonth ago

    Image not spelling technoblade right amirite?

  • The BunedBlaze 2
    The BunedBlaze 2Month ago

    Techno:"You cant undo death" totem of undying:"am I a joke to you?"

  • Lifestorm


    Month ago

    Horse armor of undying make it happen mojang

  • Jaylinn Bouman
    Jaylinn BoumanMonth ago


  • Vishnu Muthiah
    Vishnu MuthiahMonth ago


  • Just your ordinary duckie
    Just your ordinary duckieMonth ago

    The best sequel doesn’t exi-

  • Moe Thandar Soe
    Moe Thandar SoeMonth ago


  • Amber Galaxy
    Amber GalaxyMonth ago

    I love the intro

  • Moon Linnlattla
    Moon LinnlattlaMonth ago


  • Big kowalski
    Big kowalskiMonth ago

    Get trolled

  • Andhika B. A. Jusuf
    Andhika B. A. JusufMonth ago

    I like how no one realize skeppy write technoblade wrong

  • Kh4lid
    Kh4lidMonth ago

    Evening? Technoblafe massaged you at 9 pm o-O

  • Celine Liu
    Celine LiuMonth ago


  • Wolfie Boi
    Wolfie BoiMonth ago

    the title of the vid

  • Wolfie Boi
    Wolfie BoiMonth ago

    skeppy its technoblade not technobalde

  • LilyPlayzYT
    LilyPlayzYTMonth ago

    "Skeppy was killed trying to hurt Techoblade"

  • Jerald Jake Espiritu
    Jerald Jake EspirituMonth ago

    YES, TECHNOBALD (look at title)

  • VoidGamer360
    VoidGamer360Month ago

    Yes technobalde

  • Wolfy_ Chan_Artz_
    Wolfy_ Chan_Artz_Month ago

    Skeppy's impression of Techoblade I would give it a 7/10 👁️👄👁️✌️

  • simran kaur
    simran kaurMonth ago

    The tittle : Technobalde Me : I guess he’s glad now

  • Mason Henderson
    Mason HendersonMonth ago

    Text no i’m your favorite fan

  • Benson Stone
    Benson StoneMonth ago

    All gamer youtubers show u the chart of subscribers in the intro, bet skeppy was the first to show him getting mauled by a spider while doing it

  • Logan Hewitt
    Logan HewittMonth ago

    who else got this in there rec after watching technos version

  • TraBomb
    TraBombMonth ago


  • NadoYT
    NadoYTMonth ago

    Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A A Up

  • Endo Yak
    Endo YakMonth ago


  • Bhawesh Ganeshe
    Bhawesh GanesheMonth ago

    Technobalde? Title