Dream SMP, But I Troll BadBoyHalo...

Skeppy epically trolls BadBoyHalo on the Dream SMP


Today BadBoyHalo and I are making some fun new additions to our house!! :) I saw how hard Bad worked on cleaning up the place and I wanted to contribute and surprise him :D I wanted to keep mine secret though for as long as possible so I had Bad gather supplies for his own surprise structure and man was it hilarious LMAO. His reaction to this was SO funny guys and this structure took FOREVER to build so if you enjoyed this video please be sure to hit it with a like and check to make sure you’re subscribed. I hope Dream and everyone on the Dream SMP loves our new house

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is the funniest troll I think I’ve ever done on the Dream SMP


  • Skeppy
    Skeppy3 months ago

    please dont question anything

  • EPIC PARTY!!!! 101

    EPIC PARTY!!!! 101

    14 days ago

    I know what this is

  • BroBro’sWorld


    14 days ago

    ://////// …………… mayyyyyybe

  • 2EZ


    15 days ago


  • Berry Bear

    Berry Bear

    23 days ago

    >:0 inappropriate 🚫

  • ajay anderson

    ajay anderson

    28 days ago


  • عبدالعزيز العلي
    عبدالعزيز العلي2 days ago


  • Tanzina Matin
    Tanzina Matin2 days ago

    The structure was a long p*nis structure building which is made of dumb materials including sandstone, quartz but most importantly, PINK WOOL

  • Hunter Super Piggy
    Hunter Super Piggy2 days ago

    Why did you make that thing

  • シᗷOᑎᘜOᖴᑎᗩᖴシ
    シᗷOᑎᘜOᖴᑎᗩᖴシ3 days ago

    Skeppyhalo is skeppy and bbh together there couple name( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

  • ilay saranga
    ilay saranga4 days ago


  • Nexis JohnnyCheesepuff
    Nexis JohnnyCheesepuff4 days ago

    13:42 they're building up at the same time

  • ColaMochii
    ColaMochii6 days ago

    Mr skep what’s that it looks yummy

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare8 days ago

    I'm laughing so hard😂😂😂

  • Cub1c06
    Cub1c069 days ago

    Skeppy channel description: Skeppy - friendly and fun gaming content! *Draws a penis*

  • ChickenPlayz
    ChickenPlayz9 days ago


  • Zane Knight
    Zane Knight10 days ago

    We wont

  • Zane Knight
    Zane Knight10 days ago

    Skeppys be like

  • Bunniii
    Bunniii11 days ago

    I'm getting ripped tonight

  • playz champ
    playz champ13 days ago

    What was that

  • Red Fox Gaming
    Red Fox Gaming14 days ago

    "Go to the 14 and mine the nether" -Skeppy 2021

  • Wantts
    Wantts15 days ago

    is this channel demonetized lmao

  • Akash Krishnan

    Akash Krishnan

    9 days ago

    Only this vid xD

  • Sukhwinder kaur Saran
    Sukhwinder kaur Saran15 days ago

    Yes totally normal it’s nothing on your body it does not start with a “p” and it is just a upside down T simple as that nothing else

  • Kamarithegod
    Kamarithegod17 days ago

    That reminds me of something I can’t say, why u build that? That is so weird bro.

  • SpahettiFingers
    SpahettiFingers17 days ago

    BBH asked Skeppy to pronounce lilac and laughed at him while he was pronouncing peony wrong. You pronounce it like pee a knee

  • Spoofzy_
    Spoofzy_17 days ago

    Why didnt you make it out of black or brown blocks? It would be funnier!

  • Ttvcesarclips Fortnite
    Ttvcesarclips Fortnite19 days ago

    Was it a giant banana or a middle finger?

  • Amarnath Tyres
    Amarnath Tyres19 days ago

    teacher: what is 100+29 skeppy:A LOTTT teacher: cries**

  • PaykaChu
    PaykaChu20 days ago

    skeppy: please dont question anything everyone: **questions everything**

  • Minecraft stuff
    Minecraft stuff21 day ago


  • CryingClouds
    CryingClouds22 days ago

    i knew what it was as soon as he said pink dye and mentioned a build

  • Sappywithnonappy
    Sappywithnonappy23 days ago

    press this if skeppy and bads song is poggers I I v

  • NARUTO_7
    NARUTO_723 days ago

    Its middle finger is it

  • Ferrán Calderon
    Ferrán Calderon24 days ago

    I hate how skeppy is so underrated, he is so good he deserves 10m

  • Fatima Hesjedal
    Fatima Hesjedal24 days ago

    Ik what this is very easy to know D;

  • Fatima Hesjedal

    Fatima Hesjedal

    24 days ago


  • Onelonelyperson
    Onelonelyperson26 days ago

    ahhh the good o'l testicle nothing is wrong with a bit body autonomy

    OMG DOOD28 days ago




    28 days ago


  • Coach
    Coach28 days ago


  • Cheezlynime-chan


    28 days ago


  • Coach


    28 days ago


  • True Blue
    True Blue29 days ago

    Idk what it is and I am happy that I don’t

  • Akash Krishnan
    Akash Krishnan29 days ago

    New thumbnail??

  • MNBV Reverse
    MNBV ReverseMonth ago


  • Joe Moehlenkamp
    Joe MoehlenkampMonth ago

    what was is it

  • MBE gamers
    MBE gamersMonth ago

    I want to ask questions

  • Oliver Crofts
    Oliver CroftsMonth ago

    Whoo skeppy u legend

  • Miki 12
    Miki 12Month ago

    Did he change the title

  • T Gamer

    T Gamer

    Month ago

    and thumbnail

  • Jean Paul

    Jean Paul

    Month ago


  • CastleMiner 58
    CastleMiner 58Month ago

    21:01 wait what u say skeppy?

  • M J E
    M J EMonth ago

    bruh, he changed the thumbnail (edit: very funny, lmao)

  • Jean Paul

    Jean Paul

    Month ago

    Yes, i thought this was a new video :/

  • Im Cool
    Im CoolMonth ago

    OHHHHHHHHHHH It’s a p*nis

  • Crunchy KitKat
    Crunchy KitKatMonth ago

    I was in the middle of rewatching this yesterday and came back to see the rest and the title and thumbnail threw me off so much

  • MarkPJ Gaming
    MarkPJ GamingMonth ago

    i now realize that he changed the title and the thumbnail

  • Sectful
    SectfulMonth ago

    I miss the old title

  • Wolvyne
    WolvyneMonth ago

    Anyone know what this music is? 6:20

  • PoundCritical
    PoundCriticalMonth ago

    Can’t believe Skeppy is the pp bandit

  • Jose G
    Jose GMonth ago


  • Ashton Lowe
    Ashton LoweMonth ago

    Skeppy...only dirty minded people will get this....69

  • senomansour ttv
    senomansour ttvMonth ago


  • Daniel McInness
    Daniel McInnessMonth ago

    can we get an unblurr on that

  • Andhika Storm
    Andhika StormMonth ago

    You should make shear to destroy quicker Skeppy😂 But this is crazy🤣

  • Maxime Arsenault
    Maxime ArsenaultMonth ago


  • Vipex Gamer
    Vipex GamerMonth ago

    Hi can i join smp pls

  • Gaojing Xu
    Gaojing XuMonth ago

    mushroom tip

  • Akram Faraj
    Akram FarajMonth ago

    He actually build a p***s

  • Reyansh2209
    Reyansh2209Month ago

    Upside down T

  • Juan El pillo
    Juan El pilloMonth ago

    The laugh was worth it

  • Andrew I
    Andrew IMonth ago

    Nobody: Bbh: Pea-oh-knee

  • Tyler Wilkinson
    Tyler WilkinsonMonth ago

    Why do you troll one of your bffs

  • Hydro Æ Andrei
    Hydro Æ AndreiMonth ago

    idk when was this recorded but hes literally red before XD

  • Adrian Ungureanu
    Adrian UngureanuMonth ago

    m i the only one who thinks skeppy did not blur it late

  • Adrian Ungureanu
    Adrian UngureanuMonth ago

    I knew what it was when he build the bottem part

  • Adrian Ungureanu
    Adrian UngureanuMonth ago

    the begining looks kinda weird

  • Mudit Singh
    Mudit SinghMonth ago

    what did skeppy build ???????????

  • Derek Zhao
    Derek ZhaoMonth ago

    i didnt know he could build big pp on his house and not get demonitized lmao

  • The Gamer's Target
    The Gamer's TargetMonth ago

    'That is not funny, that is LANGUAGE!!!!!'

  • شككشتع موسف
    شككشتع موسفMonth ago

    It’s actually lie-luck

  • Lyka & MaryAngel
    Lyka & MaryAngelMonth ago

    Wait like as friends or like as crush

  • Elena Castellanos
    Elena CastellanosMonth ago

    and I really thought he was building a Rat statue😔

  • unscapplayz
    unscapplayzMonth ago

    tbh i was also getting annoyed when skeppy was keep saying 'GO TO THE NETHER AND GET THAT'

  • Azlina Samsuri
    Azlina SamsuriMonth ago

    I know what's he making 😂😂😂 Btw LANGUAGE

  • faze moon
    faze moonMonth ago

    Probebly all the boiz will know what it is

  • L Curry
    L CurryMonth ago

    try this seed without dying ;) 7706823415047144503

  • Dani boi
    Dani boiMonth ago

    I love how skeppy's description is "family and fun gaming content!" LMFAO

  • Kimisaw
    KimisawMonth ago

    Hey Skeppy! Just a friendly reminder, you have a server at your disposal. Might wanna use it in a video to keep high attendance and increase channel-viewer interaction? Your server is rather... dying.

  • iliya hosseinzadeh
    iliya hosseinzadehMonth ago

    ugh... you guys wont stop trolling right? (30 years later) h-hhe-ehhello guys im back with annnnnothr epesededo wert ingtroll hallomygoodman and we... ZzzzZZZZzzzz...

  • Pro Franklin
    Pro FranklinMonth ago

    What is this

  • Kunalthewhat


    Month ago

    are you sure you want to know

  • innocent_me
    innocent_meMonth ago

    He love us so much that he trapps us...

  • 카르멘
    카르멘Month ago

    it got blured for me

  • Harry's Channel
    Harry's ChannelMonth ago


  • Hales
    HalesMonth ago

    Umm what is it?

  • Hales


    Month ago

    @Kunalthewhat umm ok?

  • Kunalthewhat


    Month ago

    @Hales i think you know what it is but YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS DOING

  • Hales


    Month ago

    @Kunalthewhat um i think ik what it is even though im not supposed to

  • Kunalthewhat


    Month ago

    are you sure you want to know

  • KittyUZutty
    KittyUZuttyMonth ago

    JOIN MY SERVER I WILL OP U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sophie Mercer
    Sophie MercerMonth ago

    Who else thinks badboyhalo and skeppy should date, I do because they would be such a good couple, omg they would be so cute

  • Aqua Wolf
    Aqua Wolf2 months ago

    27:13 "SKepPy gEt RiD oF tHE d*** On oUr hOuSe" -bbh

  • Sptic
    Sptic2 months ago

    been here since 7k subs gang

  • ImagineGaming
    ImagineGaming2 months ago

    "Im gonna pick you up" BBH: "Ooh pick me up?

  • Higashikata Josuke
    Higashikata Josuke2 months ago

    "Go to the 14 to mine the nether" -Skeppy, 2021

  • DieselTime Games
    DieselTime Games2 months ago


  • misoneme
    misoneme2 months ago

    Why did you build that build...

  • padala Chidambareswar
    padala Chidambareswar2 months ago

    Fun fact 48+64= a lot

  • ThatOneParrot Lol
    ThatOneParrot Lol2 months ago


  • RedBoDogg BPG
    RedBoDogg BPG2 months ago

    Did skeppy just build a p*nis

  • Black Phantom

    Black Phantom

    2 months ago


  • ZyleomRBLX
    ZyleomRBLX2 months ago

    Hold up- How does bbh know what that is? He has some explaining to do...

  • Minecraftboy 270

    Minecraftboy 270

    Month ago

    He’s a grown adult...

  • Bunny Kid

    Bunny Kid

    2 months ago

    My dude he's 25

  • plushy teddybear
    plushy teddybear2 months ago

    WTF! skeepy,i cant im dying

  • Noobiest Noob
    Noobiest Noob2 months ago


  • minerliton
    minerliton2 months ago

    16:49 :D

  • minerliton
    minerliton2 months ago

    can we talk about skeppy using a shovel to mine wool 12:30

  • Hanan Todoroki
    Hanan Todoroki2 months ago