I Forced YouTubers To An Among Us Escape Room in Minecraft

I Forced USplanrs To An Among Us Escape Room in Minecraft
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  • Evan Hodgson
    Evan Hodgson4 hours ago

    Amogus Amogus Amogus Amogus Amogus

  • Лёля Банщикова
    Лёля Банщикова20 hours ago

    Good job, idiot Lmao, it was a lot of fun. The teams are so different

    OWL CEE22 hours ago

    happy meals are the best meals

  • ItsWildBear
    ItsWildBear2 days ago

    Ok they didn't win but the way Tommy and Tubbo played I think was the best of them all!!

  • Leila Munoz
    Leila Munoz7 days ago

    this feels like skeppy knew what he was doing but idk

  • Audrey Catour
    Audrey Catour7 days ago

    Turbo before puberty

  • Bruno Alvarado
    Bruno Alvarado7 days ago

    why out of all the people why did skeppy choose crapnnap

  • Just Chair
    Just Chair7 days ago

    Hmmmmm amogus

  • Spring Girl
    Spring Girl8 days ago

    19:48 Tommy should have put the lever down, flipped it, and went out when Tubbo then mined the lever and picked it up then Tommy clicked the button on the outside and let Tubbo out

  • Pringles Baby
    Pringles Baby9 days ago

    ten dollars! Thats a happy meal!! That is an expensive a$$ happy meal

  • Somebody
    Somebody10 days ago


  • Momeme Momomeme
    Momeme Momomeme11 days ago

    This is cool

  • Momeme Momomeme
    Momeme Momomeme11 days ago


  • PorcelainPuppeteer
    PorcelainPuppeteer13 days ago

    9:49 Chill Skeppy 😳

  • kittenOtaco fluff
    kittenOtaco fluff13 days ago

    21:37 i like how skeppy said af but bbh didn't say language

  • Elliot Hellyer
    Elliot Hellyer13 days ago

    18:02 I found it!

  • moose goose
    moose goose14 days ago

    why does bads pov look different

  • ghost innit

    ghost innit

    8 days ago

    lower fov + a block change texture pack

  • txoth
    txoth15 days ago


  • cthulu
    cthulu15 days ago


  • PhantomRay
    PhantomRay16 days ago

    9:47 *snickering*

  • Narada Deva D A
    Narada Deva D A17 days ago

    i know tommyinnits face reveal

  • Some One
    Some One17 days ago

    When u realise -6 actually comes before 1st

  • Ryan Richards
    Ryan Richards18 days ago


  • welcome here
    welcome here18 days ago

    "I'm down, that's a happy meal"

  • Dr. Eggshell
    Dr. Eggshell19 days ago

    Why is Bad's screen so different to everyone elses?

  • Benjamin Hjort
    Benjamin Hjort20 days ago

    let me guss tommy ***** **** **** ***** ***** ***** **** ***** *** thats tommyinit

  • Not_funny
    Not_funny20 days ago


  • 80s..b0bA_gIrl
    80s..b0bA_gIrl21 day ago

    I love Tommy's, "do do do Doo's"

  • DragonMaster
    DragonMaster21 day ago

    The fack that tommy got less time than skepy but skepy did reactor

  • Elson Cielo Blog
    Elson Cielo Blog21 day ago

    Badboyhalo does not have the texture pack on

  • YukiDoesArt
    YukiDoesArt21 day ago


  • eddog6666
    eddog666622 days ago

    Couldn’t even figure out the shulkerbox jump.

  • ꧄𒈙𒐫꧄𒈙𒐫꧄𒈙𒐫𒈙𒐫꧄𒈙꧄𒈙I𒈙꧄𒈙T𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙A𒈙꧄
    ꧄𒈙𒐫꧄𒈙𒐫꧄𒈙𒐫𒈙𒐫꧄𒈙꧄𒈙I𒈙꧄𒈙T𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙A𒈙꧄23 days ago


  • Mr. Josh
    Mr. Josh29 days ago

    He was yua mikami in my opinion and the other people's time for my own life was yua and it is because of my duty to make a statement that I am a hw person in the universe that you could learn from the summer

  • Mr. Josh
    Mr. Josh29 days ago

    U are so stupid I think you should do something to help him get more of a clause

  • Seth Awesome Gamer
    Seth Awesome GamerMonth ago


  • Paul Lee
    Paul LeeMonth ago

    18:02 the lever, 4 down 6 across

  • SupahBrax
    SupahBraxMonth ago


  • little raccoon
    little raccoonMonth ago

    Man I don't believe you with Tommy and tubbos time I believe you scamed them they were no way last

  • Spevx
    SpevxMonth ago


  • Jayden o
    Jayden oMonth ago

    and why is badboyhalo on a different version of Minecraft of the rest of them and how is he playing with skeppy they're on different versions of Minecraft

  • Jayden o
    Jayden oMonth ago

    i literally watched the video with the rhino monkey thing right before this vid if people don't know there is a other vid which the rhino monkey paper is referencing

  • Bow
    BowMonth ago

    Tubbo: this is Awful Tommy : oh yeah you can’t read

  • I'm A Gril
    I'm A GrilMonth ago

    Still waiting for the day till they meet up

  • k̵͂̿y̴͗͊b̶̙̿l̴̪̀c̷̅͋
    k̵͂̿y̴͗͊b̶̙̿l̴̪̀c̷̅͋Month ago


    X GAMES MODE PS4 HYPEMonth ago

    I'm over East movie actress to Tommy until were freaked out about the prize be $1,000 each I watch mr. Beast I watch $10,000 each person and that could be five people $10,000 each time he I watch people that give away five $50,000 10000 $16,000 17 million Grand and you're over here giving them $1,000 each

  • Nicole
    NicoleMonth ago

    Skeppy: “ yeah you get 10 dollars and 35 cents each “ Tubo: “YEAH IM DOWN, THATS A HAPPY MEAL!” Lovin it 😂

    ARSAL GAMEZMonth ago

    Bbh is a legend

  • Cookie Games
    Cookie GamesMonth ago

    9:50 da baby

  • MrGuyPerson
    MrGuyPersonMonth ago


  • Papi Chulo
    Papi ChuloMonth ago

    Among us imposter sus amogus

  • Teagan Playz
    Teagan PlayzMonth ago

    I find it funny how the youngest two were the only ones not fighting the whole time- they just worked together and got it done as quick as possible.

  • Indigo
    IndigoMonth ago


  • HikerMC
    HikerMCMonth ago

    "Very difficult to get all these youtubers together" MrBeast and every other YT gaming event: Am I a joke to you?

  • Cloudy
    CloudyMonth ago


  • afterglow
    afterglowMonth ago


  • Morta Kilpytė
    Morta KilpytėMonth ago

    Other pairs just start. Bbh and skeppy: You push the button. No you push it NO YOU DO IT

  • laurenw_30
    laurenw_30Month ago

    I clicked on the video because I saw Tommy in the thumbnail I clicked off the video because the titles said among us

  • Fairry joy Pen
    Fairry joy PenMonth ago

    noooo the minors lose i was in there side they where in a rush i had hope and its gone

  • Squid Ink
    Squid InkMonth ago

    I love how he has a pretty high sub to not sub ratio so he just says u should. Sub

    LLL LLLMonth ago

    Tommy And Tubbo SUSSY SPEEDRUN nice

  • Vaishnavi Vedant
    Vaishnavi VedantMonth ago

    I'm getting so frustrated because I knew all the strategies and big brain stuff which they weren't doing quick enough wish I was there I would've got the best time tbh ngl I'm getting triggered i hate this. cool vid though! who built the map? n o i c e

  • Kral Muti
    Kral MutiMonth ago

    *A M O G U S*

  • Ninji
    NinjiMonth ago

    yooooc ufgyhs usbh to my tytt yt tsubnow amd cpppleo slseer e

  • Ninji


    Month ago

    i agree

  • Bartek
    BartekMonth ago

    21:22 "yo were sick" bruh you just left medbay

  • SammyB
    SammyBMonth ago

    wth was wrong with bbh textures

  • Oğuzhan Uz
    Oğuzhan UzMonth ago

    1) 2) *-6)*

  • Graceadee
    GraceadeeMonth ago

    22:35 Tubbo_ is awesome XD

  • Zoomer Puppies
    Zoomer PuppiesMonth ago

    21:19 Game: you escaped the map! Me reading: you escaped the nap! I’m tired...

  • Soul
    SoulMonth ago

    tubbo: im down thats a happy meal

  • Amber Sweet
    Amber SweetMonth ago

    "You each get $10.35" "Hey, I'll take it. That's a Happy Meal!" mood Tubbo. mood

  • ♡Elena Games♡
    ♡Elena Games♡Month ago

    Why badboyhalo have different texture at papers

  • blu phoenix
    blu phoenixMonth ago

    that's a happy meal

  • Daenor
    Daenor2 months ago

    I love how accepting tubbo was of the $10.35, happy meals always worth it

  • random person who rides horses
    random person who rides horses2 months ago


  • The Zhaf
    The Zhaf2 months ago

    Place 1 gets a: 10000$ Place 2 gets a: nothing Place 3 gets a: picnic and place 3 is the best choice

  • Dylan Perry
    Dylan Perry2 months ago

    Is that extra room rlly worth it?

  • MikeTheSiKe
    MikeTheSiKe2 months ago

    Tommy sings dreams “speed running song” DO DO DO DO DO!

  • olliE.T.C
    olliE.T.C2 months ago

    Wait doesn't skeppy know everything already?

  • BigBroBrain
    BigBroBrain2 months ago

    "have you ever played an escape room in real life?" Well yes, that's what the people in my basement are doing right now.

  • levvy
    levvy2 months ago

    "oh, i'm down!! that's a happy meal!!!!" me too

  • Spectrelo
    Spectrelo2 months ago

    19:50 I thought Tommy was about to big brain and use the advantage key to open the door so Tubbo can go through, Tubbo stands on the pressure plate to let Tommy back out. Then they don't need the second key.

  • Lauren Theorist
    Lauren Theorist2 months ago

    I am actually surprised Tommy and Tubbo didn't win. They work working so well together.

  • P S
    P S2 months ago

    Wait did he -2 on tommy and tubbos?

  • Juan is goated
    Juan is goated2 months ago

    Is bbh skeppies make a wish

  • anime chats
    anime chats2 months ago

    Hmm... rhe fact rhino monkey (5) (6) was in this and the Last skeppy video I watched (the forcing youtubers in a 9 thousand IQ minecraft map) is kind of sus...

  • Isis Curd
    Isis Curd2 months ago

    anyone realise that "rhino, monkey, 5, 6" is in one of skeppy's challenge videos where USplanrs have to make their way out of a map by doing challenges? No? just me? ok then. T^T

  • Forcey Me
    Forcey Me2 months ago

    Bads screen is different to every one else maybe he’s color blind or his games messed up

  • Sophie LaRose
    Sophie LaRose2 months ago

    Is it just me or Skeppy just like the MrBeats in Minecraft

  • ChickenRice Boy
    ChickenRice Boy2 months ago

    Skeppy you don’t need to ask me to subscribed cause I am

    COMMUNISM U.S.S.R.2 months ago


  • Sofia Moon
    Sofia Moon2 months ago

    Tubbo is the definition of way to smart for his own good lmao. I sometimes also do that thing were I overcomplicate the problem lmao

  • R3d Sunl1ght
    R3d Sunl1ght2 months ago

    Me and my friends made a map almost exactly like this except it was smaller and o much crappier 😭😭

  • Lim Ver
    Lim Ver2 months ago

    It would be AMAZING if he gave the map

  • Hxaven
    Hxaven2 months ago

    No one: Tommy: do Do dO DO

  • Undosya
    Undosya2 months ago

    Skeppys game: :) Bbh’s game: ;;;;;()()()

    FIDDLEBURG2 months ago

    Rather sussy if you ask me

  • Keira Bedard
    Keira Bedard2 months ago

    is bbh on old Minecraft I don't really watch him much but ima start too

  • Raat
    Raat2 months ago

    Idk why im still laughing at the rhino monkey key! Xd