Skeppy takes a Tour of a Skeppy Hater Server... no, seriously.

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Sooooo today Vurb introduced me to a server that literally HATES me for fun? WHAT. I even visited the "Skeppy Hating Room" and guys it was... a lot. They apparently meet every Monday. They compared me to an oompa loompa? i'm still offended, so like, I may never dye my hair now. I honestly do not understand what I did to deserve this. So I may have trolled them back a little. And then I may have gotten banned. If this video gets 100K likes I might even get BadBoyHalo to visit if they unban me LMAO so please like this video :D

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This me trolling people who can't stand me LMAO


  • Skeppy
    Skeppy5 months ago

    by the way I was unbanned later and fixed the TNT explosions, i’m so nice I help my haters😤😤😤

  • Vorji-


    9 days ago


  • Xander Riniker

    Xander Riniker

    Month ago

    We know you would but it would still be funny to leave the server completely destroyed

  • Thaddeus Nelson III

    Thaddeus Nelson III

    Month ago

    Skeppy I love you!

  • psills1


    Month ago


  • gacha cookies cake and gacha cookies and cream

    gacha cookies cake and gacha cookies and cream

    Month ago

    Cool 😎

  • Fell Sans
    Fell Sans12 hours ago

    "skeppy how does it feel to know your hair is half your height" *destruction 100*

  • jeolynn fayolakwan
    jeolynn fayolakwan3 days ago

    I hate ppl who say you SHORT >:( }:( and ughhhh

  • QuAcKiTy SiMp
    QuAcKiTy SiMp 4 days ago

    Hater: *If you shaved your head, you would be a foot shorter.* BadBoyHalo Is Typing...

  • Readmer83 9
    Readmer83 94 days ago

    What de f**kin gawd

  • Hope Crawford
    Hope Crawford5 days ago

    It’s because of reasons like this that people hate you Skippy me personally I don’t hate you you annoy me sometimes but I don’t hate you but it’s for reasons like that blowing up a person Spond Won’t help you make them like you better it makes it worse you shouldn’t of even been there Skippy I don’t hate you but you do annoy me with some of the stuff you do for instants in this video blowing up Peoples stuff isn’t right

  • nikola fox💖🏳️‍⚧️
    nikola fox💖🏳️‍⚧️5 days ago

    Skeppy: STOp Skeppy fans: this is normal

  • Mr. Graple
    Mr. Graple6 days ago


  • the bears
    the bears6 days ago

    just verb why would you do this ??????

  • jane skipper
    jane skipper6 days ago

    serves them right the jerks

  • The one only  badashbish
    The one only badashbish7 days ago

    What's the crib for skeppy ?

  • Mihir Dombe
    Mihir Dombe7 days ago

    Justvurb you suck and skeppy is a pro

  • gkjhawk
    gkjhawk7 days ago

    Honestly u are a angel

  • Fiona L.
    Fiona L.8 days ago

    I would love to join this server on creative. If I can fly, no one can kill me while I crash the server. 😈

  • Emma Porter
    Emma Porter8 days ago

    Poor u skeppy u have haters

  • Hunter Gaara
    Hunter Gaara9 days ago

    Let's make a Skeppy-hater hater group. An Anti hater group!

  • thegoatgamer
    thegoatgamer10 days ago

    Skeppy make a bedrock server so mobile players can play as well Like the comment so skeppy see it

  • malik7yy
    malik7yy11 days ago

    They just jealous that you are better than them at Minecraft and have a lot of fans

  • Ágnes Varga
    Ágnes Varga11 days ago

    i don't understand theese haters-

  • Anabel Orpilla
    Anabel Orpilla12 days ago

    Every skeppy hater looks like egg brainwashed skeppy :/ what i meant was the thumbnail

  • DrewTube
    DrewTube18 days ago

    Skep if you don’t want an anti-Skeppy server just report it to Mojang

  • JM Wang
    JM Wang18 days ago

    I blew up the server after that lol

  • Solar
    Solar19 days ago

    Anyone know the ip?

  • MVRX Riley
    MVRX Riley21 day ago

    For scrappy I think that is not funny and I like your videos I would Sis what you and I like them to sky when all the good stuff yeah so you better be happy I'm on your side steppy OK

  • Kacper Rembieliński-Gałązka
    Kacper Rembieliński-Gałązka21 day ago

    What is the server id?

  • Haydon Gvvyvtv
    Haydon Gvvyvtv21 day ago

    No wonder they hate you

  • Strictly for Fun
    Strictly for Fun23 days ago

    It was very hard to believe these were real people.... How can you hate someone for no reason? They gave no valid reasons and were just roasting his hair.

  • Progaming only4u
    Progaming only4u23 days ago

    Who hates you?

  • Desk Top
    Desk Top24 days ago

    So you hate people you dont support you. hmmm

  • Indigo the Blitz
    Indigo the Blitz25 days ago

    You know ur popular when people devote an entire server to hate you

  • KaneGoDa007 !!!
    KaneGoDa007 !!!25 days ago

    lol skeppy hater server is worse than skeppy :/

  • Caleb Weir
    Caleb Weir26 days ago

    Maybe they are jealous of you

  • creepyvampire
    creepyvampire27 days ago

    skeppy is king

  • kuromi
    kuromi27 days ago

    skeppy doesn't suck but sabrina speaking fax

  • Fandom Heart
    Fandom Heart28 days ago


  • Speedstorm03
    Speedstorm0328 days ago

    Hey, Skeppy. Look at it this way. This is an anti-Skeppy server, and yet, there's not as many people on the server as there are likes in this video. There are more Skeppy fans than haters. I hope you feel reassured knowing that the majority of us like you and your videos. Kudos from a Skeppy fan.

  • Godzilla_plays boi
    Godzilla_plays boi28 days ago

    They suck I bet there name is hunter

  • Alliterator Guy
    Alliterator Guy28 days ago

    It’s fine skepy 99.9% of people are idiots and morons and are dumb and stupid

  • Alliterator Guy
    Alliterator Guy28 days ago

    It’s fine skeppy they are a bunch of idiots. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  • Hannan Soufiya
    Hannan Soufiya28 days ago

    That's sad... Good thing I'm not a hater of you :)

  • Timilehin Agbelusi
    Timilehin Agbelusi29 days ago

    Haters you are POOP

  • Adi Pear Studios
    Adi Pear Studios29 days ago

    *These stupid people anger me*

  • Infinite Gaming
    Infinite GamingMonth ago

    Should've banned the owner...😒

  • Gaby Castanon
    Gaby CastanonMonth ago

    Like you skeppy

  • CAmdenplays Camden
    CAmdenplays CamdenMonth ago

    I love skeppy is nice and funny

  • kidgamer
    kidgamerMonth ago

    Time for revenge

  • #Shadow Emily Afton#
    #Shadow Emily Afton#Month ago

    Who is that????????

  • All in one with sana
    All in one with sanaMonth ago

    Ur soo soo cool and poggggggeerrrrrrrssss

  • Rik Gaming
    Rik GamingMonth ago


  • Night King
    Night KingMonth ago

    Wait his name is the same name as me😂

  • PJthegreat caliwagan
    PJthegreat caliwaganMonth ago

    The people at that server suk I will make a skeppy throne room sadly skeppy can’t log on for some reason

  • Cece Grace
    Cece GraceMonth ago

    Omg your voice in this made me want to cry I don’t hate u Skeepy 😊

  • טל רוזנבלט
    טל רוזנבלטMonth ago

    lol! they didn't tell the reson they hate you! all what they said is you short! think if one of them was short to! what a loozers!!! 😂😂😂

  • larry wallace
    larry wallaceMonth ago

    whoever owns that server is a piece of s***

  • Your Friend Aubree
    Your Friend AubreeMonth ago

    Remember kids, the only solution to haters is murder

  • LeLe Gamer
    LeLe GamerMonth ago

    1:40 am I the only noticing zap done a family face reveal and him!!!!!

  • thatfreakmika
    thatfreakmikaMonth ago


  • John Gabriel Caysip
    John Gabriel CaysipMonth ago

    how does it feel that ur hair is half your height. IM DED

  • Sasha Vasquez
    Sasha VasquezMonth ago


  • Citrine
    CitrineMonth ago

    How did you even get OP XD

  • • Asmodeus •
    • Asmodeus •Month ago

    They worship you

  • Todd Matchie
    Todd MatchieMonth ago

    Skeppy over here thinking everyone loves him this is the real world broski

  • French Butterfly
    French ButterflyMonth ago

    I love you muffin head

  • Daniel Lockwood
    Daniel LockwoodMonth ago

    Dont listen to haters

  • Amer Mirza
    Amer MirzaMonth ago

    All skeppy haters are noobs

  • JT H.
    JT H.Month ago

    5:39 not a knife, ur a unicorn

  • シLucky
    シLuckyMonth ago

    Skephalo shippers: this might be the first time bbh would swear..

  • Makenna Tyles
    Makenna TylesMonth ago

    "plays Minecraft for a living them dies to a zombie." me: ...Ph1lza?

  • Linda Rosati
    Linda RosatiMonth ago


  • Eesa Ahmed
    Eesa AhmedMonth ago

    may the gods of minecraft guide skeppy on his journey on becoming a youtuber

  • calex Youtube
    calex YoutubeMonth ago

    The haters: *keeps killing skeppy* Me: I will hunt you all down and go to your house at 3am and kill you ( only to the haters) Also me: if you're not a hater then your safe

  • Bridgette Turner
    Bridgette TurnerMonth ago

    Skeppy I love your USplan channel is that on Minecraft I made your face

  • Ah yes
    Ah yesMonth ago

    I like ya Santa hat g

  • BluStiches
    BluStichesMonth ago

    Your so lazy lil potato 1:10

  • BluStiches
    BluStichesMonth ago

    Aww skeppy that's so sad

  • Jaxxie
    JaxxieMonth ago

    Wait but what if your depressed and hate your self? Would you be a part of the grouo

  • Connor Taylor
    Connor TaylorMonth ago

    In this world there will always be those who hate others

  • liam cameron
    liam cameronMonth ago

    every famous person will have haters and I enjoy watching people going back at them

    EPIC-SOLDIERMonth ago

    hi skeppy!

  • Vibe girl
    Vibe girlMonth ago


  • Tad sandy 7
    Tad sandy 7Month ago

    I least I love skeppy

  • Deepti Chawla
    Deepti ChawlaMonth ago

    The kids who got trapped by him :

  • Shadowgalaxy52
    Shadowgalaxy52Month ago

    All skeppy haters Slap their face😂

  • Sheldon Surette
    Sheldon SuretteMonth ago

    When I’m sad I look at your vids they cheer me up

  • Iron Dove
    Iron DoveMonth ago

    if i got op in my own hate server I would get flint and steel and then do execute at @a run fill ~15 ~15 ~15 ~-15 ~-15 ~-15 tnt and then right click

  • Budi Yanto
    Budi YantoMonth ago

    i like your youtube

  • MDLCRoblox
    MDLCRobloxMonth ago

    dislikes from haters u helped

  • Robby S
    Robby SMonth ago

    I wanna join the server


    i am a skeppy fan fan so im glad u blow the sever up tnts BTW i watceh ur videos :)

  • NyctoLion
    NyctoLionMonth ago

    Okay, so I have to be completely honest. I flippin hate people who are like that. TOXIC. I’d like to order a rebellion pls :>

  • Dakota Newman
    Dakota NewmanMonth ago

    Just why there is no reason to kill him and kick him off and plus the kid was killing him he didn't even do anything so ya and then said this is why we hate you ya no am slapping them

  • Blitz Reacts
    Blitz ReactsMonth ago

    -_- no hate

  • Peyten88
    Peyten88Month ago

    Where’s that server ip so I can infiltrate it get op then destroy it

  • HOTDOGI45 Gaming
    HOTDOGI45 GamingMonth ago

    1:42 lol

  • •~Coffee_Mint~•
    •~Coffee_Mint~•Month ago

    Me watching : 👆🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😱😱😱😱😱

  • Salade MC_

    Salade MC_

    Month ago


  • curtipwan
    curtipwanMonth ago

    what is the IP:)

  • ooof_juju1233 YT
    ooof_juju1233 YTMonth ago

    they possible like you they just wanted you to make a video out of this so they can be in a video

  • Vaggelis Giannoulis
    Vaggelis GiannoulisMonth ago


  • Jasper Vaughn Tigno
    Jasper Vaughn TignoMonth ago

    Skeppy haters are just jealous because skeppy makes quarantine betrer

  • mona rose
    mona roseMonth ago

    skeppy is best