I Paid $1,000 On FIVERR For A Minecraft SPEEDRUNNER...

A Professional Speedrunner Teaches Skeppy How to Beat Minecraft

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Today I hired a Fiverr Minecraft 1.16.4 Professional (or two I suppose) to train me at Speedrunning! I wanna get good at competing and build my skills :D Apparently my coach has like, the Guinness Book of World Records or something for Minecraft playing so I was pretty excited. I learned so much, guys, I honestly feel like I'm going to make Technoblade and Dream proud with this one. To be honest, I ended up having to carry my coach a little bit (he basically tried to give me a tour of Minecraft???) but things got pretty interesting once the second coach showed up LMAO. This kind of ended up becoming a competition between my coaches to The End so if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and I'll do this again hahaha

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me hosting a speedrun between my Minecraft Coaches LMAO


  • sherly mintiono
    sherly mintiono2 days ago

    I think that 8BitTuna is better

  • Ethan winters
    Ethan winters3 days ago

    Pretrolling the new Vegas wasteland makes you think skeppy should SPEED run fallout new vegas

  • Mr. lol cat
    Mr. lol cat5 days ago

    8BitTuna: *is actually good at the game and is a very experienced speedrunner ZestyBootyTaco: Oh MYH GAush! Aaa ZzzzoKMiBIE VillAGer!!1

  • Lee Murashige
    Lee Murashige5 days ago

    8ButTuna was legit but the other guy id like to see him handle himself with 3 Zombies

  • Ethan Siegfried
    Ethan Siegfried9 days ago

    I could not stop laughing from when 8bittuna joined lol

  • MP - 06GH 784100 Great Lakes PS
    MP - 06GH 784100 Great Lakes PS10 days ago

    Skeppy : Give Me A hundred thousand likes. Wish Granted.

  • ColeXtreme9
    ColeXtreme910 days ago


  • Elliana Richard
    Elliana Richard10 days ago

    WTH. darkhellboi used to go to my school LMAO

  • gkoonie
    gkoonie11 days ago

    1:35 I know that song.I just want the name.

  • Hari Parashar
    Hari Parashar11 days ago

    hahahhaha bruuh

  • Bio league
    Bio league15 days ago

    The guy who came after wards was better the first one was just dumb

  • Jaden_is_dumb
    Jaden_is_dumb18 days ago


  • Boxy
    Boxy18 days ago

    Fun fact : I speedran on bedrock edition and i know , i hate bedrock too , but i got a sub 45 With no structures except for the fortress and end and bastion and stronghold , and i didnt mine for iron , Well , What i did was i stayed up two nights ina row , killing zombies , why? Because on bedrock and maybe java , zombies have a chance of dropping iron , and i got 30 iron and 20+ gold from killing drowned and found a lava pool and went to the nether . i traded and got ender pearls , i found a bastion , didnt really matter , And i got a fortress and i got blaze rods , i was like 30 mins in , and then i located the stronghold and i went in the end and used snowballs to take out the crystals (since im on bedrock) And i killed the ender dragon with beds cuz i turned the string i got from da piglins into wool and the wool into beds. It was 44.55.49 or 44.56.1

  • Nicenoob 123
    Nicenoob 12319 days ago

    What is that name "ZestyBootyTaco" 😅😅😅😅

  • Bbne3
    Bbne320 days ago

    100k likes lol

  • Uncle Goose
    Uncle Goose21 day ago

    8BitTuna: actually giving good advice Zesty: dies in creative mode

  • Joe Khoo
    Joe Khoo21 day ago

    The red colour skin is so dumb and stupid

  • Ultralord Fun
    Ultralord Fun22 days ago


  • Holly wojtysiak
    Holly wojtysiak22 days ago

    quality entertainment

  • David Miladinovic
    David Miladinovic23 days ago

    ZestyBootyTaco is speedrun he is broke dirt for 0.000000005 seconds omg🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥵🥶🥵🥶🥶🥶🥵🥶🥵🥶🥵🥶🥶🥵🥶🥵🥶🥶🥶🥵🥶🥵🥶

  • Wapples
    Wapples23 days ago

    ngl the 8bittuna was actually a good teacher

  • Alpaca Animations
    Alpaca Animations24 days ago

    omg forever ago i bought tunas speedrun help im so happy he made it on a skeppy video

  • Boyfriend
    Boyfriend24 days ago


  • Nancy Leroy
    Nancy Leroy25 days ago

    OK you can tell the second person that joined what is the real person you hired the first one was a noob he probably hasn’t even beat the dragon in survival

  • KaneGoDa007 !!!
    KaneGoDa007 !!!25 days ago

    this is so funny , hirarious :D

  • Sundorian Canvas
    Sundorian Canvas27 days ago


  • Mc_Aficionado
    Mc_Aficionado27 days ago

    the tuna dude was big brain

  • -【LameVicky】-
    -【LameVicky】-28 days ago

    this is amazing XDDD

  • Lokesh Roll
    Lokesh Roll28 days ago

    Skeppy next video: I turned into an professional minecraft

  • Hashmi Saif
    Hashmi Saif28 days ago

    He had the deadpool skin

  • Jakest
    Jakest28 days ago

    the first guy do he looking fine

  • j1tter
    j1tter29 days ago

    8bit tuna is actually gud tho

  • Crazy Nindroid Gamer
    Crazy Nindroid Gamer29 days ago

    Lol when skeppy pulls the Lisa gaming music you know it's serious lol

  • Greed GT
    Greed GT29 days ago

    Tuna : Okay Skeppy So In This Situation You Would Have To- Zesty : SHUT UP MAN NO ONE CARES

  • Angela Castillo
    Angela CastilloMonth ago

    Bruh, get Tuna a raise XD man actually trying to help but instead gets yelled at by Taco

  • Alfie
    AlfieMonth ago

    u wont see this comment i knew it

  • Pepe Bandera
    Pepe BanderaMonth ago

    POV: Thumbnail changed and you watched it again

  • Sharif Ulla
    Sharif UllaMonth ago

    There is two people in this video 1 is a good actual speedruner and the other is a little kid with 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001 prcent brain cell and is a noob and gets angry when the actual guide is trying to help

  • vill ain
    vill ainMonth ago


  • Miriam Martinez
    Miriam MartinezMonth ago


  • Bubbaotter
    BubbaotterMonth ago

    Why did you change your thumbnail

  • Ytfleopater GR8
    Ytfleopater GR8Month ago

    I think tuna deserves a $700 d

  • Shanaya Tatikonda
    Shanaya TatikondaMonth ago

    can't stop laughing

  • TwoRandomWords
    TwoRandomWordsMonth ago

    7:22 just no

  • TwoRandomWords
    TwoRandomWordsMonth ago

    0:09 I laughed so hard

  • GDkappit
    GDkappitMonth ago


  • It’s Vinci
    It’s VinciMonth ago

    I don’t think the first kid had a PayPal mannn

  • Choco Mintzz
    Choco MintzzMonth ago

    uhhh :/

  • Immortal Venom
    Immortal VenomMonth ago

    I can teach you better

  • Bubbaotter


    Month ago

    @Immortal Venom Yeah I clearly hadn't realized it was a joke

  • Immortal Venom

    Immortal Venom

    Month ago

    Don't worry its just a joke

  • Yoram Elias
    Yoram EliasMonth ago

    There's a good teacher and garbage teacher (we know which is good and which sucks)

  • Abdullwahab Yasini
    Abdullwahab YasiniMonth ago

    My man skeppy, tnx bro you made me laugh so much, keep up bro

  • Unconventional
    UnconventionalMonth ago

    Omg! Now I know how to make obsihidan from Lava and Water mix :D

  • Unconventional
    UnconventionalMonth ago

    Great! Now I can become a professional Minecraft.

  • Red Target
    Red TargetMonth ago

    Tuna: although the desert temple is temping, make sure you get wood before entering, since trees don’t spawn in the desert. Taco: nw cretve modeE so beet the4 gamm sibmpl ye

  • Quincyy
    QuincyyMonth ago

    Gibme ginis wurld recerd

    FESHii_PLAYZMonth ago

    talk VERY close to the mike its funny

  • jif penut
    jif penutMonth ago

    In my opinion, Zesty shouldn't have gotten the $500 but eh who cares

  • Bhrizon Araza
    Bhrizon ArazaMonth ago

    skeppy im a better minecraft player my brother ivankim is a perfect minecraft player and i know how to minecraft

  • DatBird
    DatBirdMonth ago

    8bittuna:ok so, while you looking for a fortress you need to mine gold Zestybootytaco:REEEEEEEEE

  • Sub To Itz Crypton
    Sub To Itz CryptonMonth ago

    I think that second guy is an actual professional

  • Michael Sigawan
    Michael SigawanMonth ago

    I laughed so hard

  • gonsmood
    gonsmoodMonth ago

    Honestly I want them to so a bedwars 1v1 and like I kinda want the good dude to kick the other guys ass



  • ・💚♡☆ edd da green leader ☆ ♡💚 ・
    ・💚♡☆ edd da green leader ☆ ♡💚 ・Month ago


  • oxytagen
    oxytagenMonth ago

    What the other is better

  • Flour
    FlourMonth ago

    wtf did I jsut watch

  • Dragon Shorts
    Dragon ShortsMonth ago

    Bruh 😎, my brain cells hurt!

  • Mint Games
    Mint GamesMonth ago

    The 2nd guy sounded like a professional

  • Prod.KidFlames
    Prod.KidFlamesMonth ago

    3:50 Meat lookin good

  • Bayah
    BayahMonth ago

    this is arguably one of skeppys best videos

  • Danny Danpinitkul
    Danny DanpinitkulMonth ago


  • Scarlet
    ScarletMonth ago

    0:19 oh look it’s that baldboyhalo guy

  • Manos Argyropaidas
    Manos ArgyropaidasMonth ago


  • Wilter Joy Dturao
    Wilter Joy DturaoMonth ago

    Taco is big noob he donno how to kill dragon with beds. Big noob

  • Charles Generoso Alava III
    Charles Generoso Alava IIIMonth ago


  • Aisya Sebille
    Aisya SebilleMonth ago

    The coach: I am a professional minecraft player Tha coach:*Does'nt even know how to beat the dragon the easy way*

  • Gabe Mackey
    Gabe MackeyMonth ago

    That might have been one of the most chaotic things I have ever witnessed

  • Random iOS gameplay
    Random iOS gameplayMonth ago

    When an 8 year old try’s to teach you: sO FiRSt YoU NEeD PiX ACse

  • Ravi kumar Y
    Ravi kumar YMonth ago

    Skeppy learned so much today 😂

  • just a gamer
    just a gamerMonth ago

    I bet the kid was actually the good one lol, also why do u do that voice ?

  • Levi Bruzula
    Levi BruzulaMonth ago


  • Owen
    OwenMonth ago

    Bro, 8bittuna is an actual youtuber

  • Lightspeed
    LightspeedMonth ago

    The best speedrunning lesson I've ever seen lol

  • SilentHat
    SilentHatMonth ago

    Bruh it been 4 months since i got minecraft and i am 100 times better than that first guy i think i will become a speedrun coach

  • #freeporçay
    #freeporçayMonth ago

    8BitTune is turkish

  • Isak Gullstrand
    Isak GullstrandMonth ago

    6:47 hOw dID iT nOT wOrK?!

  • Probaconhair
    ProbaconhairMonth ago

    Zesty sux u should have gave him 0$ instead of 500 tuna usefull

  • Niyas S
    Niyas SMonth ago

    i am dead laughing :)

  • Russell
    RussellMonth ago

    That was so funny

  • القط المجنح
    القط المجنحMonth ago

    I learned to i learned to if u want be good speedruner pay 1000$ and make vid u will get from vid 2000k and then u can now have 9999 teachers

  • PAIN-_-
    PAIN-_-Month ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 plz do more I’m dying

  • Ramsello
    RamselloMonth ago

    This feels like the videos that call 2 different pizza stores at the same time

  • alex 扱て媛
    alex 扱て媛Month ago

    8BitTuna: *inserts good things and smt* ZestyBootyTaco: su firtv ting to di is surviv d night

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo2 months ago

    idk why the first guy annoyed me a lot and made me wanna punch him. did that happen to anyone else?

  • Fruity Pie
    Fruity Pie2 months ago

    Honestly tho the other guy is better than zesty

  • darksheep52
    darksheep522 months ago

    first guy had grammar issues

  • ExcitedHeart284
    ExcitedHeart2842 months ago


  • ItsClearlyBun
    ItsClearlyBun2 months ago


  • FruitPickles
    FruitPickles2 months ago

    That zestybooty doesnt do anything, hes just cheating not speedrunning

  • Sol In
    Sol In2 months ago

    When a kid make Fiverr gig: