I Played Bad Minecraft

Skeppy plays a very interesting difficulty mode of Minecraft... Bad Minecraft

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Today I played “Bad” Minecraft… what even is this LMAO. This video was so painful to make so please hit it with a like if you care about my sanity. Now just sit back, relax, and watch my one-man roleplay adventure on this absolutely CURSED Minecraft server. I went on a crusade against some zombies, knocked over some trees like a real GAMER with my floppy pickaxe, and built my first PROFESSIONAL Minecraft home. And you can’t have it. Also I can push blocks here? I kind of wish I could do some of this in actual Minecraft but it's not multiplayer, so I can't play with BadBoyHalo. sad face. hahaha. I even found diamonds!!! Anyways don’t forget to leave your @ and social media platform in the description for a surprise :D

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is Minecraft, but crafting is just a button and one recipe LOL


  • Sheeep_king
    Sheeep_king5 months ago

    Me:“Mom can I get Minecraft” Mom: “we have Minecraft at home” Minecraft at home:

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    Inessa Maikranz

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    Me can I listen too corpse Corpse at home now go to The song I get sick Love

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    @Ok Ok

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    Yea that totaly an "original" comment >:/

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    Angelo D14 hours ago

    There’s someone who said “YoU PlAyEd NoRmAl MiNeCrAfT” I got so triggered

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    rapid_rest48 tiktok

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    10 hours ago

    i dont think the giveaway is going on anymore *BECAUSE IT HAS LITERALLY BEEN 6 MONTHS*

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    U can see the player's shadow as a bean Dani dev

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    7:46 Press F to pay respects... PROBABLY WAS 100X MORE PAINFULL TO EDIT LOL... u there buddy? i guess u dont cause this video is a headache maker lol. (if u didnt underSTAND then look at the timeline and right-down, what am i doing with my life omg....)

  • Tittimo Boy
    Tittimo Boy3 days ago

    Its just a more realistic minecraft

  • [SamNg] Nguyễn Trần Chí Nghĩa
    [SamNg] Nguyễn Trần Chí Nghĩa3 days ago

    U w

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    Start with *oof*

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    Diamonds diamonds ahhhhh

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    2:22 when skeppy plays fortnite music:

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  • Ampai Ampai
    Ampai Ampai6 days ago

    I think you have too much stones

  • Rupa Chakraborty
    Rupa Chakraborty7 days ago

    This Minecraft is very funny and easy to find diamonds

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    Charliegamer610 is my username

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    I played dani's Minecraft

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    I love your “welcome to my first USplan video”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    How could someone hate skeppy hes so nice and hilarious

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    7. 41 !!!

  • Kaylan Looby
    Kaylan Looby9 days ago

    yes it wer painfull and i did wach till the end.

    BTS EDIT10 days ago


    BOBBY THE SQUID10 days ago

    I like d it

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    he dosent upload daily anymore

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    this is cursed

  • Lexi _butterflies
    Lexi _butterflies11 days ago

    i kinda wanna play that minecraft to see how difficult it will be for me but idk what its called

  • Gacha Animations
    Gacha Animations11 days ago

    1.25x speed is almost exactly the same lol

  • Laina Meila
    Laina Meila11 days ago

    I think he's finally gone even more crazy than he was already. That's kinda scary

  • Daily doses of memes Take these memes every day
    Daily doses of memes Take these memes every day12 days ago

    You can break blocks with the gun

  • Akmalbek Abdusalomov
    Akmalbek Abdusalomov12 days ago

    My name in minecraft is( jook) YAH

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    Minecraft In 10000D:

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    i don't like your dirt house

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    Me: DAD DAD dad: ignores Me: DADDDDDDD!!!!!! dad: what me: CAN MINCRAFT!!!!!! dad: no me: takes card and buys mincraft-

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    no hate tho

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    While watching this video I lost so many brain cells that I wanted to die the whole time

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    Subitel sub indo

  • Claudia Valentina
    Claudia Valentina17 days ago

    That game sucked

  • T, narayana murthi
    T, narayana murthi18 days ago

    Sleepy play teardown Its a rellly cool Physics related game a lot of USplanrs play this they also enjoy you must Play!!!!!

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    0:10 aaaaa

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    you can use guns to mine

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    isn't it made by danny..?

  • EpicStar 86
    EpicStar 8622 days ago

    At 6:05 look at the shadow and you'll see that the player is a Bean

  • Epic
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    BadBoyHalo Minecraft 😂

  • hysper the drug dealer
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    hey give sam hogan some shout out for making this game

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    Rip-off Minecraft be like:

  • John Clark
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    use the g-n

  • Rebekah Does Everything
    Rebekah Does Everything23 days ago

    My brother played this on his channel!!! You should check it out, his channel is called AndrewRagnarokGaming *He also likes Thor Ragnarok.

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    Do not know how much of a difference can you do it to you please

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    Last seen skeppy 1 year ago

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    im hurt after waching that :(

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    Wat da heck happened

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    “I always upload daily” the last video was legit 6 day’s ago

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    Me:why eould you say if we hate you Skeppy:just incase you do Me:no we dont hate you

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    *My mom dosent let me get minecraft* "Jumps out the window" REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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    Camastisia is better than bandicam

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    7:43 That text tho..... He’s sus.😬

  • Pls Kill
    Pls Kill27 days ago

    This game is made from unity so you will most likely to clip through the block because those are not full block they are just like maskings

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    MCPE tag: ProGamer Sinx

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    I did watched till the end

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    Is skeleton king

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    Can u play it again in vr if u can skeep???

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    this is made by steven and you are not giving him the credit!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

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    I like how he censors g u n

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    i play it it was cool

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    He read my mind when he said badboyhalo Minecraft

  • Elias Bokhamy
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    Bruh. Skeppy bleeps out the word "Gun" But dosent bleep out the S**t word he said when he falls out of the void

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    Ommmmm 6:35

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    Skeppy: what am I doing with my life? I don't know Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣