I Troll BadBoyHalo with a Cursed Minecraft Plugin

Skeppy Trolls BadBoyHalo with a Fake Portal Mod. This was the best thing ever.

Today I am trolling BadBoyHalo in Minecraft and... honestly what else is new. Seriously guys though this was one of the FUNNIEST trolls I've EVER done on Bad, like I think he actually lost his mind this time, and so will you after watching this LMAO. He even starts talking to himself at one point it was honestly so sad. Talking about the difference between imaginary blocks and real blocks, smh. Basically today we are challenging Bad to a series of parkour challenges, but what he doesn't know is that I've installed these CRAZY portal mods and it was so, so hilarious. This video was so fun and funny to make so if you enjoyed this please hit this video with a like :D If this gets 100k likes maybe I'll use another mod like this to troll the muffin man. Also sub to @BadBoyHalo to lend him your brain cells he really needs your support right now.

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's BadBoyHalo getting really, really confused for 10 minutes LMAO


  • Timothy William Sahagun ッ
    Timothy William Sahagun ッ4 hours ago

    Lets all be honest, we lost a few braincells watching this video

  • A Shrimp
    A Shrimp4 hours ago

    Why did I think he said the badboyhalo lady room 😂

  • kirby molina
    kirby molina5 hours ago

    I like aytotune

  • x Hellrazor
    x Hellrazor14 hours ago

    3:23 he almost cursing

  • Fire Morgan
    Fire MorganDay ago

    Muffin is bads version of a swear word

  • Owen ŌWÉÑ
    Owen ŌWÉÑDay ago

    5:26 LOL

  • Karen Farley
    Karen FarleyDay ago


  • Cooker chef
    Cooker chefDay ago

    Badboyhalo is like my dad

  • Shubham Kumar Majhi
    Shubham Kumar MajhiDay ago

    Badboyhallo was mad that accully broke my ears

  • Nathan Davenport
    Nathan Davenport2 days ago

    You could do the thumbnail with the immersive portals mod (Just create two portals with the same proportions and one is 90° off of the other.)

  • Ibrahim Aaly
    Ibrahim Aaly2 days ago

    *NON OF THIS WAS IN THE SKY IT WAS A LIE!!! IT WAS A LIE* i wish this was my ringtone

  • DuckBurger
    DuckBurger2 days ago

    0:00 thus a trolling video was born

  • Ayaan S
    Ayaan S2 days ago

    everything went well...

  • Summer_Rae
    Summer_Rae2 days ago


  • Ava Lowell
    Ava Lowell2 days ago

    my brain hurts

  • Clarke Dharya Sunarto
    Clarke Dharya Sunarto2 days ago

    i troll badboyhalo, whats new

  • øļįvě hęřē
    øļįvě hęřē2 days ago

    I love losing brain cells :3 me: wheres my box of brain cells?

  • Ayan J K
    Ayan J K3 days ago

    Day two of asking skippy to bring back the “I trapped 100 kids In a ______” series.

  • Mark Dc2 Animations

    Mark Dc2 Animations

    2 days ago


  • Shine Ramos
    Shine Ramos3 days ago

    In the first is funny my daughter say it

  • Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto3 days ago


  • Emma Bartoli
    Emma Bartoli3 days ago

    10:17 Skeppy spawning a demon

  • adess setya
    adess setya3 days ago


  • YYU Fan
    YYU Fan4 days ago

    Ayundaru did it first

  • MrUnknownGod
    MrUnknownGod4 days ago

    Last thing you hear in the video: disconnected

  • Fernando Thomas
    Fernando Thomas5 days ago

    I love how bbh was so confused and said " Who are you " !!! , 10:17 was my favourite part

  • DantheMan123 420
    DantheMan123 4205 days ago

    Alternate title: if bbh was in the matrix

  • Bluey Bird
    Bluey Bird6 days ago

    Famous last words: *Disconnected*

  • goldencookies
    goldencookies6 days ago

    this is the final brain cell do do do ni ni ni no no no dododo

  • Altronius
    Altronius6 days ago


  • GodGamer007
    GodGamer0076 days ago

    WHO ARE YOU?!? WHAT IS HAPPENING- Disconnected!

  • Unbreakable cousins
    Unbreakable cousins7 days ago

    What’s the mods pleaseeeee

  • cerealamoeba 800
    cerealamoeba 8007 days ago


  • Lyla Logan
    Lyla Logan8 days ago

    Alternative title: Skeppy tests badboyhalo’s patients

  • Paula Murray
    Paula Murray8 days ago


  • DriedPickles
    DriedPickles8 days ago

    this gave me brain damage

  • A SHARK2556
    A SHARK25568 days ago


  • Adam Broadhurst
    Adam Broadhurst8 days ago


  • katherine sudayan
    katherine sudayan8 days ago

    What happened to the egg

  • Gamer Brockway warren jones
    Gamer Brockway warren jones9 days ago

    Idea time:do this again,both with the portal mod(the non Euclid one hahaha big funni) and this.

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke9 days ago

    7:00 he could just use f5 and what ever ones he could move his camera through are real

  • C P
    C P9 days ago

    I started laughing and almost spilled my water I actually did

  • shan sanpedro
    shan sanpedro10 days ago

    this is insane

  • ProGamer112
    ProGamer11210 days ago

    can anyone tell me the name of the plugin

  • Betty Berlian
    Betty Berlian10 days ago

    Badboyhalo x sleepy HEHE

  • J Martinez
    J Martinez10 days ago


  • Cool Kate
    Cool Kate10 days ago

    Guys did u hear that skippy said no u cant leave it reminds me of montero (call me by your name)

  • Md. Akhtar-uz-zaman (chanchal)
    Md. Akhtar-uz-zaman (chanchal)11 days ago

    Me tired Hearing about Japanese songs that's why I started watching this video

  • DryzleCoded
    DryzleCoded11 days ago


  • •C H U B_C H U B •
    •C H U B_C H U B •11 days ago

    Alternative title:I try to Drive BadBoyHalo insane within 10 minutes

  • Frederick Brouwer
    Frederick Brouwer11 days ago

    Did u know ur a simp for bbh

  • Henry Lin
    Henry Lin11 days ago


  • DreamSMP Clips
    DreamSMP Clips11 days ago

    what plugin is this

  • Joseph Beauchesne
    Joseph Beauchesne12 days ago

    That mod is the work of the devil xD

  • Gãchå Editż
    Gãchå Editż12 days ago

    While watching this I also got trolled 😂

  • Marleigh Beaver
    Marleigh Beaver12 days ago


  • Michelle Reetz
    Michelle Reetz12 days ago

    Badboyhalo how many times have you said maffen

  • Horseygirl45
    Horseygirl4512 days ago

    What music did he use at the beginning?

  • •That one YouTuber that you’ll never like•
    •That one YouTuber that you’ll never like•12 days ago

    Am I Le only one scrolling for bbh’s comment-? 💀✋-

  • johncarlo adornado
    johncarlo adornado13 days ago


  • johncarlo adornado

    johncarlo adornado

    13 days ago

    IT WAS A LIE!!!!

  • Rin Kichi
    Rin Kichi13 days ago

    Skeppy:You are literally going to lose brain cells just watching this! Me:What brains cells?

  • flamingduck2792
    flamingduck279213 days ago


  • ils []
    ils []13 days ago

    the parkour was a lie dont trust the parkour

  • TeraAnEpicGamer Guy
    TeraAnEpicGamer Guy13 days ago

    I thought the intro was supposed to be a rhyme

  • TeraAnEpicGamer Guy
    TeraAnEpicGamer Guy13 days ago

    The intro: WAS A LIE

  • Lean Ruiz
    Lean Ruiz14 days ago

    I like u cut g

  • MeepyPlayz
    MeepyPlayz14 days ago

    what plugin is this?

  • Reign Cobbs
    Reign Cobbs14 days ago

    Skeppy: youll lose brain cells from this Me: So were going to be kaminari every time he uses his quirk

  • Venom
    Venom14 days ago

    Plot Twist: the video was a simulation

  • Niko Koskinen
    Niko Koskinen14 days ago

    This is cursed

  • pro vision
    pro vision14 days ago

    i loved when badboyholo said what the mumffins

  • Magma
    Magma15 days ago

    me: can i leave? my kidnapper: no u cant leave

  • Magma
    Magma15 days ago

    his intro world is 8 y/o me in a creative world

  • 🌸Marichan🌸
    🌸Marichan🌸15 days ago

    I have finished the video and I have no more brain sells-

  • Phoenix Blaze
    Phoenix Blaze15 days ago

    What mod is this

  • Saurusix MC
    Saurusix MC15 days ago


  • 3140
    314016 days ago

    This is the reason i need earphones cause if i dont have earphones everyone will here this in public and probably get angry at me

  • Gatlel
    Gatlel17 days ago

    This kinda reminds me of Wanda vision

  • Perica Milikovic
    Perica Milikovic17 days ago

    BadBoyHalo im dead rip

  • Alexis O'Donnell
    Alexis O'Donnell18 days ago

    This video makes me question life......

  • Erika Havranová
    Erika Havranová18 days ago

    5:15 Amongus

  • Chariot Requiem
    Chariot Requiem18 days ago


  • ArmaanGaming
    ArmaanGaming19 days ago


  • •Cookie lover•
    •Cookie lover•19 days ago

    *disconnec-* FUDGE!!

  • Boldi Völgyi
    Boldi Völgyi19 days ago

    What is the name of the plugin?

  • Gracie Gonzalez
    Gracie Gonzalez20 days ago

    He really meant it when he said “this video will make you lose brain cells” 😳😂

  • qweqro0
    qweqro020 days ago


  • Abigail Larson
    Abigail Larson20 days ago

    Unfortunately, You failed because... It was never even parkour. IT WAS NOT IN THE SKY! IT WAS A LIE (The cake is a lie) WHO ARE YOU?!?! WHAT IS HAPPENING!!?!?!?!!!

  • Muscle Head
    Muscle Head20 days ago

    The decorous club traditionally thank because judge strikingly cause through a gainful professor. obsolete, abandoned textbook

  • Xbox gremlin 2
    Xbox gremlin 221 day ago

    Nobody: Bbh at 10:26 :wHo ArE yOu

  • DENISRO4567
    DENISRO456721 day ago


  • isatheopgamer
    isatheopgamer22 days ago

    the intro looks like a 2012 intro

  • asdasd asdsdasad
    asdasd asdsdasad22 days ago

    what was the plugin please someone tell me

  • Lucas McCain
    Lucas McCain23 days ago

    Hold up why does bbh say who are you?!?

  • BagelCat
    BagelCat23 days ago


    ASH CGK23 days ago

    This made me think if I am even alive?

  • Masterful gamer
    Masterful gamer25 days ago

    Bbh.exe has stopped working Program muffining down

  • Boring Gecko
    Boring Gecko25 days ago

    I already had 1 brainsell.

  • Ryder and the world of travel
    Ryder and the world of travel25 days ago

    I lost my dumb school brain sell from the video like you said in the intro

  • Xpert Unknown
    Xpert Unknown26 days ago

    Skeppy “your literally going to lose brain cells from this” Me “ha what brain cells”

  • Anti-Chaos legion
    Anti-Chaos legion26 days ago