I Troll BadBoyHalo With The Shapeshift Mod

Skeppy Trolls BadBoyHalo With a Shape Shifter Mod

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Today I am trolling BadBoyHalo with the CLASSIC Shape Shifter Mod! This time though instead of doing ANY sort of building we are playing an epic game of hide and go seek. I gave him food and even a potion of swiftness to get through this troll so honestly, I gave him every advantage. He had 15 minutes to see me, spot me out and win $10,000 in cold hard cash lmaoo. This was SO hilarious and fun to make so if you enjoyed this video PLEASE hit the subscribe button to see more hilarious content like this hahaha. He refused to even leave my call, honestly he is really the clingy one out of the two of us. I almost really messed at one point but we are pro gamers so it's okay, I figured it out in the end!

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's actually just the return of the ocelot meme LMAO


  • XbunnydropsX
    XbunnydropsXHour ago

    Skeppy: stop cheating Also skeppy:

  • Weslee Matalamaki
    Weslee Matalamaki2 hours ago

    Bro bbh cursed 5:14

  • The Wall Nut Gamer
    The Wall Nut Gamer2 hours ago

    is he really badboyhalo

  • SenpaiProhh
    SenpaiProhh6 hours ago

    7:18 BBH CURSED

  • Springles
    Springles12 hours ago

    What's the mod name or link for download

  • Gman 3807
    Gman 380716 hours ago

    If your looking for the name of the mod its the metamorph mod

  • GalaxyKitty7
    GalaxyKitty72 days ago

    No one trusts axolotls anymore because of this vid

  • GalaxyKitty7


    2 days ago

    Ocelot not axolotl my auto correct why

  • u8di
    u8di2 days ago

    Last time I watched you was when you made your 1 mill video.

  • kawaiigamer00
    kawaiigamer002 days ago

    The end of the video badboyhalo: I hate you.

    TOOLSEE BROs2 days ago

    You muffin head lol

  • Rose
    Rose2 days ago

    Skeppy your a TROLL๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • NovaBlox
    NovaBlox3 days ago


  • Alejandro Ciriani
    Alejandro Ciriani3 days ago

    so cool

  • Steve Crafter
    Steve Crafter3 days ago


  • John Thomas Kuehl
    John Thomas Kuehl3 days ago

    Does anybody know what mod skeppy was using?

  • โ€ขMxki_qโ€ข
    โ€ขMxki_qโ€ข4 days ago

    *Set* *it* *to* *day* *time*

  • melcygreetings
    melcygreetings4 days ago


  • Dawngdawnga Ralte
    Dawngdawnga Ralte5 days ago

    Can you pls tell me the name of the mode

  • AnaCraft2801
    AnaCraft28015 days ago

    What the mufin!

  • Exists for No reason
    Exists for No reason5 days ago

    ๐Ÿ”ฐ 1๏ธโƒฃ4๏ธโƒฃ If you were gonna do the morph mod again Remember mobs never look down unless theyโ€™re mad at something or looking at a player Looking down and up for no reason as a mob looks so unrealistic

  • Exists for No reason
    Exists for No reason5 days ago

    If you were gonna do the morph mod again Remember mobs never look down unless theyโ€™re mad at something or looking at a player Looking down and up for no reason as a mob looks so unrealistic

  • Exists for No reason
    Exists for No reason5 days ago

    If you were gonna do the morph mod again Remember mobs never look down unless theyโ€™re mad at something or looking at a player Looking down and up for no reason as a mob looks so unrealistic!

  • Exists for No reason
    Exists for No reason5 days ago

    If you were gonna do the morph mod again Remember mobs never look down unless theyโ€™re mad at something or looking at a player Looking down and up for no reason as a mob looks so unrealistic

  • Erich Green
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  • Ethan Silva
    Ethan Silva6 days ago

    get ur merch for skeppy

  • acerlo
    acerlo6 days ago

    skeppy ur editing is great

  • TheZombers
    TheZombers6 days ago

    oh hi mr. *what*

  • Midnight Sammy
    Midnight Sammy6 days ago

    Skeppy i bought one of ur merchandise! The merch i bought was the blue and red sleeves with black in middle ( its on my profile picture )

  • Door knob
    Door knob7 days ago

    The thumbnail looks cursed

  • D4NNY
    D4NNY8 days ago

    skeppy i always subscribe to your channel i love them

  • Y_TEA
    Y_TEA8 days ago

    doesn't BBH have to download the mod to see the morph correctly?

  • Emma Porter
    Emma Porter9 days ago

    Poor bbh that was funny though

  • Pug army
    Pug army9 days ago

    Omg this is sooo funny

  • CNCtec
    CNCtec9 days ago


  • Jose Ignacio PEDREIRA
    Jose Ignacio PEDREIRA9 days ago

    Wat de muffin hed

  • Isabella Chavez
    Isabella Chavez9 days ago

    i almost falled off my chair when you killed badboyhalo at the end lol

  • Dylan Morin
    Dylan Morin9 days ago

    The telling kidney willy bathe because korean proportionally boil past a troubled dugout. known, precious brand

  • Timur Janayev
    Timur Janayev9 days ago

    @skeppy what is the Morph Mod that u are using can u plz reply!!!! :) - A BIG FAN

  • Fire Wolf
    Fire Wolf10 days ago

    Badboyhalo lost cuz skeppy said TO TYPE in chat that he found skeppy IF badboyhalo ever found skeppy but badboyhalo never DID TYPE in chat that he found skeppy.

  • Theresa Bassham
    Theresa Bassham10 days ago

    No thay suck

  • John Peterson
    John Peterson10 days ago

    "Oh hi mister-" 11:17

  • e
    e10 days ago


  • Kid Whitty
    Kid Whitty11 days ago

    3:36 Best "SET IT TO DAYTIME" moment

  • StrawberryPlays!
    StrawberryPlays!11 days ago


  • Ellie tolladay
    Ellie tolladay11 days ago

    ah, i love sitting down and watching Derpy Diamond and Babo Halo after a long day (ps this is just a joke and this isn't a hate comment so plz don't take it seriously)

  • shan sanpedro
    shan sanpedro12 days ago

    this is crazy

  • yourxlocalxmarinette UwU
    yourxlocalxmarinette UwU12 days ago

    I still want to see how red skeppy turned blue

  • Animallover897
    Animallover89713 days ago


  • Linda Alvarado Hosack
    Linda Alvarado Hosack13 days ago

    3:59 *children that's why I dont have head phones*

  • Ninja3o3
    Ninja3o314 days ago

    Skeppy say this to badboyhalo:muffin head

  • Masterful gamer
    Masterful gamer14 days ago

    11:17: oh hi mister- oh what

  • yash persaud
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  • Yangzemin Fina Fina
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  • Laith Annooz
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  • AmielLoudHouse
    AmielLoudHouse15 days ago

    11:18 just my time stamp

  • ไปŠๆ—ฅ่ฎฟๅฎข
    ไปŠๆ—ฅ่ฎฟๅฎข15 days ago

    lol b**** wth lol noob hahah

  • Skipper YT
    Skipper YT15 days ago

    lol this is so funny lol you badboyhalo oof u

  • DuckDerp
    DuckDerp15 days ago

    Thank you skeppy for making my day better you make everyoneโ€™s lifeโ€™s so much better โค๏ธ

  • Kerry Roulston
    Kerry Roulston15 days ago

    Skeppy, next time you do this pleeeeaaaase turn into like the ender dragon or a ghast or like a blaze or just something crazy

  • Noe Cantu
    Noe Cantu16 days ago

    Quick boi

  • Edel Damons
    Edel Damons17 days ago

    Badboyhalow wins

  • f a r t ๏ผˆ*ใ‚œใƒผใ‚œ*๏ผ‰
    f a r t ๏ผˆ*ใ‚œใƒผใ‚œ*๏ผ‰18 days ago

    3:43 is funny moment

  • knightkingPH gaming
    knightkingPH gaming18 days ago

    hi skeppy i am your old subs

  • The Beast
    The Beast19 days ago

    Skeppy's laugh tho

    KENNY G19 days ago


  • Peter Ryan
    Peter Ryan19 days ago

    The furry furtive tower prognostically dry because deer oceanographically hurry aboard a macabre cappelletti. various, hideous high competition

  • ArloTheDuck
    ArloTheDuck19 days ago


  • ArloTheDuck
    ArloTheDuck19 days ago


  • Luke_Tuber
    Luke_Tuber 20 days ago

    this Looks Like You Just Took Your Minecraft Body And Moved It lol 0:38

  • carlos perez
    carlos perez20 days ago

    he won

  • Afdhal Niz
    Afdhal Niz20 days ago

    The fixed partner complementarily sail because africa neurochemically time besides a tricky yarn. recondite, broken drain

  • Sapphire Star
    Sapphire Star21 day ago

    They are both cheaters but skeppy is the bigger cheater

  • jack the commentor
    jack the commentor21 day ago

    I am proud that Badboyhalo still havent break up with skeppy wih all of skeppy's trolls

  • Byzantine Empire
    Byzantine Empire21 day ago

    *excited church noise*

  • Ezra Monello
    Ezra Monello21 day ago

    literaly badboyhalos ten seconds in creative but what I would've done, Grabbed like fifty locator maps.

  • Slaition
    Slaition21 day ago

    3:35 muffin head

  • Slaition
    Slaition21 day ago

    Leave my call

  • Joshua Wakefield
    Joshua Wakefield22 days ago


  • ranboomybeloved
    ranboomybeloved23 days ago

    "You lil muffinhead" AWW ^-^

  • Finn Rider
    Finn Rider23 days ago

    With that morph mod if you press X you activate that mobs ability

  • Kemall
    Kemall24 days ago

    this is more like 'im trying to find badboyhalo but im animal'

  • emir oyunda
    emir oyunda25 days ago

    I think BadboyHalo is GoodBoyHalo becuse he is not swearing (jk)

  • Ilikelizza Jggit
    Ilikelizza Jggit25 days ago

    0:08 Sadly it says โ€œkilled by skeppyโ€

  • Myanmar Good Demon Boy
    Myanmar Good Demon Boy26 days ago


  • Kema Ogden
    Kema Ogden26 days ago

    This always happens Get out of my call No you get out of my call ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜†

    POTA TOES26 days ago

    "I troll badboyhalo as-" literally 50% of your videos lol

  • LR YT Brawl stars
    LR YT Brawl stars26 days ago

    Badboyhalo 3000 How i became billionaire because of skeppy

  • auni irdina
    auni irdina26 days ago

    is [what the heck] is a curses word???

  • CanadianMom
    CanadianMom27 days ago

    Oh hi mr ocelotieroniemdonilemgod Kill me

  • Sheva (UnU)
    Sheva (UnU)27 days ago


  • Haimanot Bekele
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  • Holly Holbrook
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  • I donโ€™t even know
    I donโ€™t even know29 days ago

    Video idea: bring in your admin to shape shift and troll him again

  • Unikittywaffle54 UnicornWaffle54
    Unikittywaffle54 UnicornWaffle5429 days ago

    Even if it only works on Java plz plz plz give me link Skeppy

  • Unikittywaffle54 UnicornWaffle54
    Unikittywaffle54 UnicornWaffle5429 days ago


  • jeolynn fayolakwan
    jeolynn fayolakwanMonth ago

    I almost become badboyhalo hater just because that -_--- but im not badboyhalo hater

  • jeolynn fayolakwan
    jeolynn fayolakwanMonth ago

    3:35 LOL

  • Harley Gabatin
    Harley GabatinMonth ago

    Did just bbh say heck

  • CJGaming
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  • Jean Granados
    Jean GranadosMonth ago

    Hello badboyhalo and skeppy