If Technoblade was in Minecraft Manhunt...

Skeppy plays Minecraft Manhunt with Technoblade

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Today Technoblade and Skeppy play Minecraft Manhunt! Kind of! Basically I get a 30 second head start and then I attempt to survive 20 minutes against the Blood God himself. I honestly give up on this game. I hope Dream and the Dream Team are proud of me for this one. This was such an incredible display of skill so you all should definitely be impressed and hit this video with a like! :D 150,000 likes and I will do another Minecraft Manhunt.

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my good friend Technoblade playing minecraft manhunt LMAO


  • Technoblade
    Technoblade5 months ago

    i hate that technoblade guy please stop making videos with him. downvote!

  • MenaVoldey Gaming

    MenaVoldey Gaming

    22 days ago


  • Absolute Darkness

    Absolute Darkness

    26 days ago


  • Keith Woo

    Keith Woo

    Month ago


  • puttu nammu

    puttu nammu

    3 months ago

    Even i hate techno

  • RorE


    4 months ago


  • zero geed bross
    zero geed bross2 hours ago

    11 died nice number

    FROG ANIMATIONS5 hours ago

    8:05 skeppys a diamond remember he made it from his hand DUH

  • Bacon Lord
    Bacon Lord5 hours ago

    Technoblade is like a person who can scare a person in full enchanted diamond armor with a stone axe

  • Damian Arreguin
    Damian Arreguin9 hours ago

    1:02 lol

  • rozeta oriku
    rozeta oriku13 hours ago

    The fact that he says *In this video I took one of my Technoblades to try and hunt me down*

  • Mavrick Miranda channel
    Mavrick Miranda channel14 hours ago

    Wait what one of my technoblade?????

  • ameen ansari
    ameen ansari16 hours ago


  • PhilZen Rey Cacayan
    PhilZen Rey Cacayan21 hour ago

    Skeppy:this is akward for you Spider:ACASAMBODY 9:33

  • DatBoiChickenTender
    DatBoiChickenTender21 hour ago

    The fact that he says "One of my Technoblades" END OF MINECRAFT IMMINENT

  • Noober1910 TheEg
    Noober1910 TheEgDay ago

    "One of my technoblades..." ONE?

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen AngelDay ago

    lol skeppy nob

  • Techno-chan UwU
    Techno-chan UwUDay ago

    Why is Techno's skin funny, intimidating and cute at the same time lol

  • Kyle Cruz
    Kyle CruzDay ago

    Skeppy is better than techno

  • Mister Somebody
    Mister SomebodyDay ago

    That fuckin Scream

  • Lev Tcachenko
    Lev Tcachenko2 days ago

    Skeppy actually not that bat at this. You can see him planning what he want to do

  • GodInk
    GodInk2 days ago

    Use Axe

  • Minh Vũ Hoàng
    Minh Vũ Hoàng2 days ago

    No you didn't, boi

  • JaYo
    JaYo2 days ago

    Seeing the video ended in ten seconds jk

  • Bernardo Winter
    Bernardo Winter2 days ago

    nice onlyfans cape

  • Việt Anh Nguyễn
    Việt Anh Nguyễn2 days ago

    6:55 what is that scream

    DYNAMITECH2 days ago

    When I see 150 k likes in technos comment

  • Vetristnew
    Vetristnew3 days ago

    Isn't me or did he just said in the intro "one of my technoblade"???

  • Adnan Master
    Adnan Master3 days ago

    One of my technoblade hahahahaha

  • Yashvardhan Srivastava Of XD
    Yashvardhan Srivastava Of XD4 days ago

    You poor thing

  • Jayden Noone
    Jayden Noone4 days ago

    The fact that skeppy had to survive for 20minutes and the video was like 15minutes long just shows that at this point, skeppy is just-

  • xXMischiefMakerXx
    xXMischiefMakerXx4 days ago

    skeppy screams like a girl

  • space pig
    space pig4 days ago

    techno: looks at skeppy skeppy: aaaaaahhhhhh

  • NHB_ Gaming
    NHB_ Gaming4 days ago

    Wait u hat* technoblade :)))))))))))

  • King David4444
    King David44444 days ago


  • King David4444
    King David44444 days ago


  • Guiller977 / Vulcano
    Guiller977 / Vulcano6 days ago

    "you are not going to be able to kill me like that" *DIES*

  • Bartu Aksoy
    Bartu Aksoy6 days ago

    if techno was in dreams man hunt videos, the videos would end in atleast 5 minutes

  • Vibrocz
    Vibrocz6 days ago

    This seems like a 1v1 not a man hunt

    WOLFBOY6 days ago

    This is how its gonna go if techno is in manhunt XDDDDS

  • jotaro
    jotaro6 days ago

    hes too pro

  • Ansel
    Ansel7 days ago

    12:32 wait is this Dream's laugh? 😳

  • Malina
    Malina7 days ago

    Кто русский и любит их всех смотреть?

    HATS OF GAMER7 days ago

    Good title

  • Creationator
    Creationator8 days ago

    1:54 Skeppys evil laugh.

  • Haoxuan Qi
    Haoxuan Qi8 days ago

    Technoblade should do a video: 4 speedrunners vs 1 hunter(Technoblade)

  • Warblade
    Warblade8 days ago

    I love how skeppy just says "one of my technoblades" in the intro

  • Xeuxi Xiliak
    Xeuxi Xiliak9 days ago

    I thought that scream was yours when you first saw techno

  • Haley Hirata
    Haley Hirata9 days ago

    Scape you really stand out your characters literally blew and nothing else in the blue unless it’s diamonds lapis or the border you really stand out in nred

  • Tryhard Penguin

    Tryhard Penguin

    8 days ago

    But on the other hand, if he's above his opponent, he blends in with the sky

  • ApplePlayzMinekraft
    ApplePlayzMinekraft9 days ago


  • Anna Finkenzeller
    Anna Finkenzeller9 days ago


  • Twisted_Bear 666
    Twisted_Bear 6669 days ago

    Skeppy: **eating steak** Diamond sword: *My time has come*

  • Alexis Pc
    Alexis Pc9 days ago

    Skeppy: Im playing with one of my technoblades

  • Xavien Funhouse
    Xavien Funhouse10 days ago

    (sorry in advance) santablade

  • jonathan
    jonathan11 days ago

    Why was this not the other way around?

  • GreySquid
    GreySquid11 days ago

    I love it saids oh sht

    BRYAR HOFFER11 days ago

    I hate blade >:( 😠

  • Willeon Playz
    Willeon Playz11 days ago

    Me: TECHNOBLADE NEVER D- Technoblade: *dies* Me: *insert loud SCREAMING*

  • bd Lafontaine
    bd Lafontaine11 days ago

    technoblade be like skeppy well done you survived 73 seconds well done

  • Ninja3o3
    Ninja3o311 days ago

    Skeppy baby voice awwwwwwwwwwww

  • Matteo Nathanson
    Matteo Nathanson12 days ago


  • Jimtube120gr
    Jimtube120gr12 days ago

    Lol '' one of my technoblades''

  • Colton Fricke
    Colton Fricke12 days ago

    Well gotta say 1st run in keppy lasted 37 more seconds than I expected, and only with 15 seconds of a headstart! Meanwhile dream’s doin a 5v1 and having to get them to resort to reviving the ender dragon, clap for you skeppy!

  • Obra
    Obra13 days ago

    That's how dreams manhunt would have ended if those 5 hunters played normally

  • Infinity Gaming
    Infinity Gaming13 days ago

    When skeppy missed the MLG lol

  • AshleyCosplayYT
    AshleyCosplayYT13 days ago

    1 like👍= Make Skeppy Stronger

  • mahi pradhan
    mahi pradhan13 days ago

    I like technoblade is so chill

  • Arson Gaming
    Arson Gaming13 days ago

    For a second I thought he actually survived for a solid 14 minutes, but then I remembered that the blade was hunting him

  • Deniz Roosevelt Art

    Deniz Roosevelt Art

    11 days ago

    Fear for life has been achieved

  • Rehena Begum
    Rehena Begum13 days ago

    Did anyone catch how Skeppy said "One of my Technoblades" at the start.

  • Sơn Võ Hiển
    Sơn Võ Hiển14 days ago

    “This video *one of my Technoblade*)

  • brandon soto
    brandon soto14 days ago

    bruhhhhhhhhh the end is a bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha

  • Kermit De Frog
    Kermit De Frog14 days ago

    i hate that technoblade guy please stop making videos with him. downvote!

  • Nathan Poon
    Nathan Poon14 days ago


  • ^-^
    ^-^14 days ago


    SINGULARITY14 days ago

    One of skeppy's technoblade I wanna meet all of them.

  • Yuilx Violet
    Yuilx Violet14 days ago

    I hate technoblade too I like chicken more then bacon Just a joke

  • Kr4kenGaming
    Kr4kenGaming14 days ago

    omgggg skeppy had a swor and technoblade beats him with a fist XD POG

  • Christian UnBeKnowest
    Christian UnBeKnowest14 days ago

    Anyone else think Technoblade is ‘berd’? Just me then?

  • MegaHenox
    MegaHenox14 days ago

    "One of my thecnoblades try to stop me" *What*

  • Dr3
    Dr314 days ago

    one of my technoblade's? i guess techno duplicates

  • Will Chong
    Will Chong15 days ago

    Techno blade is too good for you skeppy ok

  • Shriya sreejan
    Shriya sreejan15 days ago

    if you won why was there a death message in chat and the death screen??

  • Lucus Jadryev
    Lucus Jadryev15 days ago


  • Dimitri the link
    Dimitri the link15 days ago


  • REXG25
    REXG2515 days ago

    5:16 Techno chuckles Or skeppys

  • Nuclear Baguette
    Nuclear Baguette16 days ago

    The combo tho

  • Donna MRaz
    Donna MRaz16 days ago

    i laugh so hard when skeppy screamed

  • Noddle Lebowski
    Noddle Lebowski16 days ago

    Skeppy: You can’t kill me like that “Killing Skeppy like that intensifies”

  • K KGL
    K KGL17 days ago

    One of my tecnoblade haha lol

  • Michael McClellan
    Michael McClellan17 days ago

    If only he was that good at towering up in the lava rising video

  • Tufario
    Tufario17 days ago

    5:15 6:43

  • Beaver Man Gaming
    Beaver Man Gaming17 days ago

    You can see Skeppy’s heartbeat stutter in the way he is moving his mouse, you can tell he is having a heart attack on every moment, this technoblade guy seems to be very fear striking.

  • Aidan Kessler
    Aidan Kessler17 days ago

    00:01 do you have more techno blades in your basement?

  • Uday Varma

    Uday Varma

    17 days ago


  • relax
    relax17 days ago

    I'm happy now

  • yPat
    yPat17 days ago

    "one of my technoblades" LMFAO

  • som3th1ng?
    som3th1ng?18 days ago

    "one of my technoblades" w h a t ?

  • Atso 555
    Atso 55518 days ago

    Forgot to like you content

  • Ariana Perry
    Ariana Perry18 days ago

    Did you guys catch what he said in the intro he said “one of my techno blades” what’s going on if camera skeppy??!

  • Lopla 2006
    Lopla 200618 days ago

    The tacitical furnace at-4:49

  • DJ Neutron
    DJ Neutron18 days ago


  • idali vasquez
    idali vasquez18 days ago

    1:37 startin the timer mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • hallow Lewis
    hallow Lewis18 days ago


  • The Amazing Zakary
    The Amazing Zakary18 days ago

    Skeepy: one of my technoblades Me: wait - Edit: no one: Skeppy in manhunt: *skeepy dies*

    HATS OF GAMER18 days ago

    Best title of all time clb8

  • Mrmorgan
    Mrmorgan18 days ago

    After killing him, get blocks and build to max height, then MLG down and he’d think you were sky camping