Minecraft But, Water Rises Every 10 Seconds VS BadBoyHalo

Skeppy and BadBoyHalo Have Fun Together

Today I played...Minecraft? But Water Rises Every 10 Seconds. BadBoyHalo and I compete in this intense survival challenge, basically whoever dies and drowns on respawn wins :D Bad tries to sabotage me and STARVE me to death which of course will not work because we are real . I try to kill him with llamas at one point, it was pretty epic. Apparently I brought out HardCoreBoyHalo. I've truly never experienced anything like this LMAO. This gets really intense and we kind of end up working together at some point and finding a stranded doge hahaha so if you enjoyed this video be sure to like for more!!

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Water Rises, yup, really cool very nice I like it


  • zamtzy
    zamtzy17 hours ago

    Me: just make a door

  • Person
    PersonDay ago

    I think there is more flirting that water rising.

  • Logan Oberholtzer
    Logan OberholtzerDay ago

    I killed all the food-badboyhalo 2021

  • Kyle Cruz
    Kyle CruzDay ago

    Thank you for being so nice skeppy

  • Enabuele Enabulele
    Enabuele Enabulele2 days ago


  • azagada 4249
    azagada 42492 days ago

    Remember when it was called water.exe

  • Kassandra Hernandez
    Kassandra Hernandez2 days ago

    Do a survival in the zombie apocalypse for50 days plz btw love your videos

  • Kylie Hooser
    Kylie Hooser2 days ago

    There is one plus to this, you will never take fall damage 😏

  • Raymond Kuma
    Raymond Kuma2 days ago

    Jesus died for your sins repent and you will be forgiven.😁🙏

  • mango
    mango3 days ago


  • Ridge Cottrill
    Ridge Cottrill3 days ago

    Can we get the plug in for the water rising

  • Keaton Allen
    Keaton Allen4 days ago

    more skeppys coming back pls

  • Cousin Squad Vidal
    Cousin Squad Vidal4 days ago

    skeepy like ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT?! XD

  • meriwether
    meriwether4 days ago


  • meriwether
    meriwether4 days ago


  • Bruno Alvarado
    Bruno Alvarado4 days ago

    0:49 skeppy can't win if you don't

  • Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz5 days ago

    They should actually make a song comes to think of it 😆

  • gjuri burgj
    gjuri burgj5 days ago

    One minute in Minecraft manhunt

  • NoobPro
    NoobPro5 days ago

    Anyone noticed how bad's hand has a smile on it?

  • YourLocalL0velyS1mp
    YourLocalL0velyS1mp6 days ago

    Me when i wanna go to the marketplace : I'm Gonna Buy something *Realizes I Got No Minecoins*

  • Derek Taylor
    Derek Taylor6 days ago

    he finally does 1.16 :/

  • Lauren Ayres
    Lauren Ayres6 days ago

    7:30 I thought he said hardboyhalo when I said i died for a second Im not lying

  • Insane Bri
    Insane Bri6 days ago

    4:38 "BEG, BEG FOR STUFF"

  • Crit Maniac
    Crit Maniac7 days ago

    I actually like the song

  • Eimaan Qadir
    Eimaan Qadir7 days ago

    Skeppy need to make that song an actual song because it is 🔥 fire

  • Craig Claggett
    Craig Claggett7 days ago


  • Nooby Playz
    Nooby Playz7 days ago

    Stranded doggo is sad :(

  • Gian Oliveria
    Gian Oliveria7 days ago

    Hint : door

  • Artemis3D
    Artemis3D8 days ago

    “The foot is on the other shoe”

  • ELS Kerskes
    ELS Kerskes8 days ago


  • zayan
    zayan8 days ago

    12:02 oh f**** yeah

  • robot cat
    robot cat9 days ago


  • Eliza Beatriz Aguilar
    Eliza Beatriz Aguilar9 days ago


  • 🏳️‍🌈Rain🏳️‍🌈
    🏳️‍🌈Rain🏳️‍🌈10 days ago

    Man I was 6 minutes in the video and there was no water

  • Danielle Mora
    Danielle Mora10 days ago

    Skippy scary are you ready

  • sNapZ_xX
    sNapZ_xX10 days ago

    15:47 "did you just call me fAt?"

  • Lily Sullivan
    Lily Sullivan10 days ago

    9:51 that is the first time I've heard a genuine, evil laugh from badboyhalo... And it scares me

  • sup foo
    sup foo11 days ago

    skeppy pro gamer skeppy >life

  • Wliby
    Wliby11 days ago


  • AmielLoudHouse
    AmielLoudHouse11 days ago

    3:09 Ske-skeppy and Bbay Halies.

  • Eva Stirbu
    Eva Stirbu12 days ago

    Minecraft but blocks disapire every 15 seconds

  • Aubrey Wilson
    Aubrey Wilson12 days ago

    Skeppy , Skeppy, are you ready? Skeppy, Skeppy, are you ready? BadBoyHalo, Is a potato! BadBoyHalo, is a potato! The best words ever said together.

  • Emma
    Emma12 days ago

    3:10 is the song

  • Liam Brooke-Smith
    Liam Brooke-Smith13 days ago

    why dont u post vids any more

  • sourfrog !
    sourfrog !13 days ago


  • Sandra Herran
    Sandra Herran13 days ago

    Fun fact: Pangea is not food, it is land that broke into lands, it broke these lands: North America, South America, Africa, Zealandia, Europe and Asia, and oceania

  • ItsMeBowly
    ItsMeBowly15 days ago

    00:09 "Two guys Having Fun.". I think you had a little TOO much fun there, hah guys????

  • Lukas Schmidt
    Lukas Schmidt15 days ago


  • Makenna Richardson
    Makenna Richardson15 days ago

    Your vids make me feel better when Im crying and this was funny bye skeppy have a good night it day ^w^

  • Maxwithallthesnacks_official
    Maxwithallthesnacks_official15 days ago

    At 9:52 I left bc bruh

  • ItsMeBowly
    ItsMeBowly15 days ago

    I came here to see if the effect on "HardcoreBoyHalo." Were from him and God they were. Thank you Skeppy for giving me a reason to live.

  • VanTheMan
    VanTheMan16 days ago

    "This bitch dont know about pangea" - Brain

  • Rylin Moodley
    Rylin Moodley16 days ago

    I made you in minecraft pe on mobile

  • dorom games
    dorom games16 days ago

    What is the seed

  • karam tube
    karam tube17 days ago

    3:10 lets go

  • Sarah Ohsiek
    Sarah Ohsiek17 days ago

    ah yes, my favorite italian dish.. pangea

  • -Coco R a n d o m-
    -Coco R a n d o m-17 days ago

    3:10 This must be my ringtone.

  • SevInDev
    SevInDev17 days ago

    "Die llamas!" -BaldBoyHalo (CEO of PETA)

  • Huerta Elijah
    Huerta Elijah17 days ago


  • R.E.E.Z.Y
    R.E.E.Z.Y17 days ago

    2:49 "I killed all the food"

  • Lunar•Phantom
    Lunar•Phantom17 days ago

    Pls keep using the shaders it looks beutiful

  • -Aiza Nabil-
    -Aiza Nabil-17 days ago

    Title: Minecraft But, Water Rises every 10 Seconds VS BadBoyHalo Me: *Waiting for the water to rise. Water rises 13 MINS LATER!!*

  • Razse-_-
    Razse-_-17 days ago


    GACHA_KIKI18 days ago

    i did not know that so many are skephalo fans! XD

  • C4Nn3N BuNn!S
    C4Nn3N BuNn!S19 days ago

    Hardboyhalo 😳

  • The Amusement Outlet
    The Amusement Outlet19 days ago

    Skewpy is soo dum , he has a shield still he managed to die so many times

  • Laycie Blow
    Laycie Blow20 days ago

    Skeppy: Beg, beg more Skeppy:bads a snack Skeppy: I have never experienced hardcorehalo before Skephalo shippers: u know what they say, the wattpad writes itself 😏

  • Kawaii Dog
    Kawaii Dog20 days ago

    Idea: minecraft, but you can eat liquid.

  • Ninja Lordy
    Ninja Lordy21 day ago

    At the beginning of this video it makes me want to die

  • Jake
    Jake21 day ago

    At 4:30 I actually felt sorry for BBH

  • Wilbur Strongman
    Wilbur Strongman21 day ago

    What if skeppy just went to the nether

  • Delinda Naya Lisyana
    Delinda Naya Lisyana21 day ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  • ฅʸᵘᵐⁱ ᵗʰᵉ ⁿᵉᵏᵒฅ
    ฅʸᵘᵐⁱ ᵗʰᵉ ⁿᵉᵏᵒฅ21 day ago

    He really said "bads a snack" Skephalo has never been beter 😭😩

  • 🍄Nia_gacha🍄
    🍄Nia_gacha🍄22 days ago


  • Demon Sks
    Demon Sks22 days ago

    3:31 when skeppy breaks the stone it’s actually grass

  • Choke Me
    Choke Me22 days ago

    Minecraft But, Every 10 Seconds I Lose A Heart

  • Harinder Kaur
    Harinder Kaur22 days ago

    Me: Why isn’t skippy using the axe Skippy: thinks pickaxe does more damage

  • Ralf120
    Ralf12023 days ago

    Nice video

  • patrica holwerda
    patrica holwerda24 days ago

    bbh : imma be hardcoreboyhalo skeppy : "I've never experienced HardcoreBoyHalo" the shippers : we have new info

    MIZO GAMING24 days ago

    Speedrunner: skeepy Hunter: badboyhalo potato lol

  • Animal Specialist
    Animal Specialist24 days ago

    The weirdest part of this video is the fact that, in the corner, the icons blink.

  • Kenyatta King
    Kenyatta King24 days ago


  • Cece Grace
    Cece Grace24 days ago


  • Kri_YTシ
    Kri_YTシ25 days ago

    Ske ske skeppy

  • Qumber Naqvi
    Qumber Naqvi25 days ago

    bads character: *Blinks every second* skeppys character: 👁👄👁

  • Megan Wyn-Roberts
    Megan Wyn-Roberts25 days ago

    Lol at 4:27 bbh said "No Ur the muffin head" i was like you say everyone is a muffin head-

  • predator yt gaming
    predator yt gaming25 days ago

    Hi skeppy

  • ôsama kami
    ôsama kami25 days ago

    3:10 that so lit

  • Timothy James Albano
    Timothy James Albano25 days ago

    The name changed

  • Reflex ZR
    Reflex ZR25 days ago


  • Kingsley L
    Kingsley L26 days ago

    Me like: where water I don’t see any so I f***ed up and uhhh unsubscribe

  • Kingsley L

    Kingsley L

    26 days ago

    And I uhhhhh didn’t fu**ing know it’s rising from at bedrock to overworld

  • The shadow of a kitten !
    The shadow of a kitten !27 days ago

    Ik real life ships are sick and stuff but.... Skeppy x Badboyhalo is the cutest ship on earth (I still disagree with IRL shipping tho)

  • Dorotka SNIEGULSKA
    Dorotka SNIEGULSKA27 days ago

    my classmate rp´s as a dog and calls himself skeppy and says ´´badboyhaol is a potato´´ the whole time, help...

  • SukiUchihaUzamaki
    SukiUchihaUzamaki28 days ago

    3:09 this is meh fav song 😂

  • Mythical_Marshy
    Mythical_Marshy28 days ago

    You should do all your challenges combined

  • jeven
    jeven28 days ago


  • Smol Bean
    Smol Bean28 days ago

    I can’t imagine how much flirting was cut out

  • Malakai Felice
    Malakai Felice28 days ago

    When is it going to rise

  • Cin
    Cin28 days ago

    0:10 ignore this this is for me

  • 《 Woolfee 》
    《 Woolfee 》28 days ago

    Why was that song actually nice-