Minecraft, But Lava Rises Every 10 Seconds VS Technoblade

Skeppy and Technoblade play Minecraft, But Lava Rises every 10 Seconds. This is so scuffed.


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Today I played...Minecraft? But Lava Rises Every 10 Seconds. Technoblade watches me suffer from the clouds like a *real gamer* while I fight a skeleton with an ENCHANTED BOW, and I finally get sand? LMAO. This was super fun and I love doing videos like this so 100,000 likes if you want to see me challenge more USplanrs to stuff!

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, yup.

this excuse of a youtube video is nothing more than a 1/10 confetti challenge with technoblade


  • Skeppy
    Skeppy6 months ago

    I just want confetti

  • Midgit_ Ninja002

    Midgit_ Ninja002

    11 days ago

    @Isabell Lopez Omg

  • Isabell Lopez

    Isabell Lopez

    11 days ago


  • Midgit_ Ninja002

    Midgit_ Ninja002

    Month ago


  • Lyn Randomness

    Lyn Randomness

    3 months ago


  • Simon Santos

    Simon Santos

    4 months ago

    Happy birthday

  • lolllludrs
    lolllludrsDay ago


  • Joey Hintz
    Joey Hintz4 days ago

    Do it against latter man

  • Joseph Beauchesne
    Joseph Beauchesne11 days ago

    Ok why doesn't technoblade have optifine

    LANCE RAMOS13 days ago

    what about the part when failed RP to make a bed

  • Eri Chan
    Eri Chan21 day ago

    It was hilarious when Skeppy tried to troll Techno when Skeppy built that parkour mansion and Tencho trolled him so much!

    KISHORE FF25 days ago

    I hate tec

  • Hidden Draco
    Hidden Draco29 days ago

    Technoblade: *kills Skeppy* Skeppy: *I am Jesus*

  • ×yrus
    ×yrusMonth ago

    Damm. The video is 4k

  • Mustard Meerkat
    Mustard MeerkatMonth ago

    Skeppy-or else 2021 will be worse Me in 2021-thank you subscribers

  • tumblingartist
    tumblingartistMonth ago

    9:15 alternate video time stamp

  • Lasagna LookingCRISP
    Lasagna LookingCRISPMonth ago

    I subscribed yet 2021 still ended up being worse

  • StarGodLegend YT
    StarGodLegend YTMonth ago

    The dragon ball super music in the background was amazing 👏

  • Beast Phoenix
    Beast PhoenixMonth ago

    2021 is worse

  • the reapers twin
    the reapers twinMonth ago

    Their just so perfect together I love their duo

  • Jeff Stapleton
    Jeff StapletonMonth ago

    I came here from techno to see skeppy Pov

  • Petter
    PetterMonth ago

    Why is the intro with ui goku theme


    ho hello

  • Hollow Soul
    Hollow SoulMonth ago

    Eat my mouse, skeppy >:)

  • Wizard1
    Wizard1Month ago

    Ewww, view bobbing

  • Kimisaw
    KimisawMonth ago

    Hey Skeppy! Just a friendly reminder, you have a server at your disposal. Might wanna use it in a video to keep high attendance and increase channel-viewer interaction? Your server is rather... dying.

  • Silver Kuroma
    Silver KuromaMonth ago

    this man just jinxed the entire world on the intro, bruh

  • -Simone_Pxstal-
    -Simone_Pxstal-Month ago

    Alternative Title:Skeppy dies for 9 minutes and 34 seconds while technoblade says bruh

  • JEchoVenator
    JEchoVenatorMonth ago

    "subscribe or 2021 will be worse than 2030" alright who didn't subscribe

  • Matt Webb
    Matt WebbMonth ago

    U lose

  • UghaThuga
    UghaThugaMonth ago

    (Second 0:30) POV: Im subbed to Skeppy, but 2021 is worse then 2020

  • CladeVortex
    CladeVortex2 months ago

    🟩 🟦 🟧

  • Albert
    Albert2 months ago

    BRUH I didn't sub in 2020 Now 2021 IS WORSE

  • UltraBlade
    UltraBlade2 months ago

    its so funny that technoblade got more views

  • Hemchandra Pandey
    Hemchandra Pandey2 months ago

    all didn't subscribe to him, now 2021 is in actual worse.

  • BigBroBrain
    BigBroBrain2 months ago

    Ah yes, the king of anarchy.

  • Matt Gehringer
    Matt Gehringer2 months ago

    you guys need to watch techno's pov

  • Alliterator Guy
    Alliterator Guy2 months ago

    🎉 confetti 🎊 for skeppy

  • Alliterator Guy
    Alliterator Guy2 months ago

    🎉 confetti 🎊

  • Shaurya Lawand
    Shaurya Lawand2 months ago

    F this video has 2.1 k dislikes

  • The Praetor

    The Praetor

    2 months ago

    Its just been a day and it had gained 200 dislikes.

  • Kelly Hodgkinson
    Kelly Hodgkinson2 months ago

    Ha seen techno vid

  • dianne
    dianne2 months ago

    O like dreams videos

  • Jase Plays
    Jase Plays2 months ago

    @Skeppy HI 👉👈

  • XxLilly-BillyxX
    XxLilly-BillyxX2 months ago


  • Zruhl0van19a zz
    Zruhl0van19a zz2 months ago

    Skeppy when do you think you will get your 1/10 confetti???

  • Zruhl0van19a zz
    Zruhl0van19a zz2 months ago

    One thing you should know skeppy, Technoblade will even betray his country for 1/10 confetti you should have known skeppy , you should have known

  • Tait Y7325
    Tait Y73252 months ago

    Yay Steppy

  • Tait Y7325

    Tait Y7325

    2 months ago


  • Benjamin Sunna
    Benjamin Sunna2 months ago

    Notice how they are both winning in their own worlds. (compare the tumbnails)

  • The YouTube Rabbit Hole
    The YouTube Rabbit Hole2 months ago

    I had already subscribed before this intro, but I hit the bell after that intro

  • Rudy
    Rudy3 months ago

    Diamond Man VS Pigman

  • Fermin95 Gaming Fire
    Fermin95 Gaming Fire3 months ago

    yei technopig to us

  • Adrian Toomes
    Adrian Toomes3 months ago

    Gui scale: 4

  • GoldenBlueTFD
    GoldenBlueTFD3 months ago

    Anyone else notice the Dragon Ball Super music in the begging

  • James Creation Games
    James Creation Games3 months ago

    6:00 just clutch

  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder1153 months ago

    Techno is so nice with his sand

  • Nite Slayer
    Nite Slayer3 months ago

    I thought technoblade never dies

  • Brayan Castaneda
    Brayan Castaneda3 months ago

    This is just skeppy dying 😆 🤣 😂

  • Skylar Dewey

    Skylar Dewey

    3 months ago


  • Nathan Tutor
    Nathan Tutor3 months ago

    9:15 start of the video

  • Cobalt
    Cobalt3 months ago

    Hahahahhahahahaha im dying

  • King Slayer
    King Slayer3 months ago

    Alright who didn't subscribe

  • BNFA
    BNFA3 months ago

    ur killing pigs in front of techno...

  • exSerce
    exSerce3 months ago


  • Mr goku fan 123
    Mr goku fan 1233 months ago

    Legends notice that in starting ultra instinct song was there

  • Ορφεας Γαλανοπουλος
    Ορφεας Γαλανοπουλος3 months ago


  • J JJ
    J JJ3 months ago

    Did someone notice the dragon ball z music as the inteo

  • Keelee Slater
    Keelee Slater3 months ago


  • Keelee Slater
    Keelee Slater3 months ago


  • Xyrel Nicoline Haddari
    Xyrel Nicoline Haddari3 months ago

    Why is skeppy killing pigs? can he just kill technoblade for food cause he is a pig 😂

  • Cyberpoint
    Cyberpoint3 months ago


    AYAAN KOSGI3 months ago

    lol techno won like 5 times

  • Just some guy
    Just some guy3 months ago

    skeppy is petty xD

  • Glitch Star
    Glitch Star3 months ago

    where's the part where Techno obliterates Skeppy in TypeRacer???

  • D_E_W_E
    D_E_W_E3 months ago

    U shouldve gotten flint and steel he only used wood

  • Gon Freecss
    Gon Freecss3 months ago


  • Hendrix Sam
    Hendrix Sam3 months ago

    we can all agree (or just me) that skeppy cut allot of the vid

  • FlameGod Felix
    FlameGod Felix3 months ago

    Nice video Skeppy LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • Zuzi
    Zuzi3 months ago

    Skeppy vs Technoblade is like 👶 vs 🏎

  • Justin Golby
    Justin Golby3 months ago

    at every thing

  • Justin Golby
    Justin Golby3 months ago

    and tecno is better tha u

  • Justin Golby
    Justin Golby3 months ago

    Skeppy one Q do u know who Kiingtong is???

  • Qiovute
    Qiovute3 months ago

    Heya... uhhh, what happened to the type racer game skep

  • Stephensocks2
    Stephensocks23 months ago

    The 30 second video still nobody believed it because thare was skeppy death messages and tp's

  • Stephensocks2
    Stephensocks23 months ago

    Yessss we see the point of techno a big long video killing him then a 30 second video of skeppy winning 9:02. Edit I made a all skeppy deaths on techno blades one so watch that and see the deaths

  • Electricmcpro
    Electricmcpro3 months ago

    Lol uh techno +1 sub he’s so good but still u get sub

  • HelloItzAlex
    HelloItzAlex4 months ago

    Skeppy talking to his girlfriends Parents: so what do u do for a living? Skeppy:i make children challenge until they die. Parents: ur doing perfect for Our daughter!

  • GamingReborn1
    GamingReborn14 months ago

    who didn't subscribe 2021 is worse than 2020

  • Oxygen
    Oxygen4 months ago

    I hope I get the confetti one day

  • HallowXD
    HallowXD4 months ago

    2021 is better

  • mr.casino casino
    mr.casino casino4 months ago

    kinda sad ngl

  • scarf4ce_
    scarf4ce_4 months ago

    “I would betray all my friends for a 1/10” ahhhhhhhh so that’s why he did that, that thing with the withers, on a country made up entirely of his friends.

  • Alex Postica
    Alex Postica4 months ago

    Skeppy I can’t believe that you are this worse than Technoblade. He literally killed you 9 times and he died once because your were cheating

  • toby
    toby4 months ago

    skeppy should try and troll techno this time

  • Banan Polski
    Banan Polski4 months ago

    Get destroyed.

  • PK Việt Nam
    PK Việt Nam4 months ago

    Skeppy > Technoblade

  • Xdecided
    Xdecided4 months ago

    Techno is 1 million iq

  • MaryBee Gacha 🌈
    MaryBee Gacha 🌈4 months ago

    Tachnoblade when he says bruh - Bruhauauau~

  • GlashRoyale
    GlashRoyale4 months ago


  • Jennie Karter
    Jennie Karter4 months ago

    wait what would happen if they went to the nether that would be rly interesting :)

  • Muhammad Shaffin
    Muhammad Shaffin4 months ago

    skeppys vids in a nutshell: *skips after two seconds*

  • Kutaki SZN
    Kutaki SZN4 months ago

    N Jesus died on the cross for your sins Jesus loves you turn from sin and ask for forgivness for your sins Jesus is king

  • dollophead


    3 months ago

    who is jesus

  • Jeb_
    Jeb_4 months ago

    Skeppy u died 9 times in technos video

  • JessenLH
    JessenLH4 months ago


  • Sonic_Z-11
    Sonic_Z-114 months ago

    Technoblade video was funnier

  • Juliet Bacchus
    Juliet Bacchus4 months ago

    Who didn’t subscribe

  • Torino V2
    Torino V24 months ago

    Part 1 of cyberbullying youtubers