Skeppy vs CaptainPuffy - NETHER vs OVERWORLD Build Battle!

Skeppy and Captain Puffy Compete In An Escape Room Build Battle!

Today I stressed out Captain Puffy LMAO in a really fun and interesting Build Battle hahah. But this time we are building AND solving our very own Escape Room's. Also we themed it! I had an Overworld theme - shut up I didn't forget guys everything is technically overworld - and Puffy's was Nether themed. Pretty easy, right? Puffy even included prizes which was honestly just the best thing ever hahaha! She totally didn't cheat by looking over the wall, by the way, I guess it's those "spidey senses" she was talking about it. Even Rat makes an appearance! Also like all of her questions were BadBoyHalo themed... Thanks Puffy. At least I have a voucher to make up for it. This video was so fun and funny to make so if you enjoyed please hit this video with a like :D If this gets 100k likes maybe I'll challenge another USplanr to a fun Build Battle!! Also sub to @CaptainPuffy she is the best :D

Also! I will be uploading the BBH footage in a couple hours if you're looking for it.

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's Captain Puffy stressing out for 15 minutes LMAO

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  • Itz Valid
    Itz Valid2 hours ago

    My brain cells dont exsit

  • Santiago Wood Lewin
    Santiago Wood LewinDay ago

    Really?? The answer is 60 use the calculator

  • bee
    beeDay ago

    "It's really hard uwu" killed me lmao

  • Idk dude
    Idk dude2 days ago

    "Me. Depressed? I'm the furthest thing from depressed"

    MEGA HUGEL2 days ago

    The answer would be 6

    MEGA HUGEL2 days ago

    The answer to the math equation was wrong

  • Ayan J K
    Ayan J K3 days ago

    Day three of asking skippy to bring back the “I trapped 100 kids in a ______” series.

  • Ellie
    Ellie3 days ago

    Skeppy: NETHER VS OVERWORLD BUILD BATTLE Also Skeppy: *uses one of the only two kinds of wood that’s from the nether* 😂😂😂🤣😂😂

  • T0P NO7CH
    T0P NO7CH4 days ago

    Cpt. Puffy made very good begginer escape room that would really be a practice room in a server waiting room! and skeppy made a somewhat dangerous mc donald play place!!!

  • Anh Tran
    Anh Tran6 days ago

    Skeppy overworld:USES NETHER WOOD

  • gl1tchc0r3aut0
    gl1tchc0r3aut06 days ago

    "Okay so I gotta do an overworld escape room" *Not even a whole minute later* "There is no theme to this whatsoever!"

  • Bob Frisk
    Bob Frisk8 days ago

    im guessing the puzzle answer is 6

  • Bob Frisk

    Bob Frisk

    8 days ago

    at first when i seen the green i was like, oh rip im wrong, then she fell in lava so I thought it was fakengreen then i relized it was right im jut a noob!!!

  • nathan balaoro
    nathan balaoro8 days ago

    Skepy: overworld escape room Also skepy: uses crimson wood

  • Henryxd28 Portillo
    Henryxd28 Portillo11 days ago

    2:52 That voice crack tho😂

  • EmiSR
    EmiSR12 days ago

    CaptainPuffy: *Actually makes a nether themed escape room* Skeppy: *Puts Grass on the floor* yea thats a good overworld

  • DG_Clan
    DG_Clan12 days ago

    I like how she isn't sure about 5th grade math

  • BionicTOOM
    BionicTOOM13 days ago

    4:46 the answer is -24 so 24 is not the right answer and neither is 6 now let me explain how my brain works because he didn’t know in 4:50 SOOOO you always do the parentheses first okay and you put.... oh wait it’s thought he put 5-7 in the parentheses never mind it’s 24

  • Manisha Potdar
    Manisha Potdar13 days ago


  • PeppaPiggyYt
    PeppaPiggyYt14 days ago

    skeppy's build is 10x weaker than an ant (just kidding)

  • octavian barligea
    octavian barligea14 days ago


  • Pie
    Pie15 days ago

    The answer to the math question is 12 :/

  • Alvis
    Alvis 15 days ago

    IT IS 24

  • Sophia
    Sophia19 days ago


  • Coles Videos
    Coles Videos19 days ago

    Skeppy literally used nether blocks

  • Lokesh Chauhan
    Lokesh Chauhan19 days ago

    10:54 is when skeppy looked at the button and didn't even realize 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • SynixPvP


    17 days ago

    Thats not a button lmfao

  • Hello there
    Hello there20 days ago

    He has changed the thumbnail 3 times

  • Noah Eubanks
    Noah Eubanks20 days ago

    Skeppy's math question is wrong. 60/5(7-5)=6 because first you solve the parentheses which 7-5 is 2 then you do 2*5=10 then 60/10 so it is 6. I am not hating on skeppy but am just sharing some knowledge.

  • squirrelsstuff


    17 days ago

    multiplication and division are on the same level so you do them left to right so it would be 60/5=12 then you would do the times two making it 24 (plus its the answer on a calculator)

  • 🐶☁️🎧Gaming with Bffs🎧☁️🐶
    🐶☁️🎧Gaming with Bffs🎧☁️🐶20 days ago

    Pfffttttt captainpuffy just got jumpscared by you and its hilarious

  • Breanna Lada
    Breanna Lada21 day ago

    Probably should think about what you’re doing

  • Roses with hearts
    Roses with hearts22 days ago

    Ok so the first wood he placed was from the netherv

  • bob bob
    bob bob22 days ago

    The Answer To SKEPPYS Math Question Is........6 AND 24

  • Akash Krishnan
    Akash Krishnan23 days ago

    He changed the thumbnail again XD Its amazing nonetheless

  • Peyton
    Peyton25 days ago


  • Kaiya Scudds
    Kaiya Scudds26 days ago

    am i an idiot or is skeppy???? bc 60/5x(7-5) means 60/10 which is 6

  • Chase Wiley

    Chase Wiley

    22 days ago

    its 24 because you do mutiplication and divison from left to right

  • Samuel Cabral
    Samuel Cabral27 days ago

    overworld build battle 101: 1:55 brings out nether blocks..

  • OnlyEvanPotatoPP
    OnlyEvanPotatoPP28 days ago

    I remember this video. But the thumbnail is changed?

  • Billie Brown
    Billie Brown29 days ago

    The racial united kingdom worrisomely double because whorl interstingly occur lest a perfect detective. calculating, light acrylic

  • Galaxi Calesti
    Galaxi Calesti29 days ago

    "Use your eleven years of playing minecraft to build something youve never built before" I relate to this so hard lmao- Ive been playing console editon ever since it first came out for the 360 and i still have no clue how to work any redstone

  • ScorpionGamez
    ScorpionGamez29 days ago

    *Questions You Should Never Ask :* A Man His Salary A Women Her Weight How Many Times Will Skeppy Change The God Damn Thumbnail

  • Itz Juzt Shawn

    Itz Juzt Shawn

    29 days ago

    XD ikr

  • Asher Buds
    Asher BudsMonth ago

    Itssss 6 dumby

  • kimber morris
    kimber morrisMonth ago

    I love that captain puffy mocked skeppy with the whole *did you guys know that 50% of you aren’t subscribed

  • Shibs
    ShibsMonth ago

    10:05 OMG

  • Shibs
    ShibsMonth ago

    bruh the math problem again.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHQHA

  • Ghetthorne
    GhetthorneMonth ago

    He changed the thumbnail but he still hasn’t release the BadBoyHalo footage.

  • MintGummy


    29 days ago

    @Akuma Ok cool

  • Akuma


    29 days ago

    @MintGummyyeah, I saw the video

  • MintGummy


    29 days ago

    @Akuma did you see it?? i only saw bbh do puffy's escape room tho still funny

  • Akuma


    29 days ago

    He released the bbh footage but unlisted it a few days later

  • MintGummy


    Month ago

    He did release the bbh footage

  • The Epic Broski
    The Epic BroskiMonth ago

    4:47 14 is the answer

  • Stephensocks2
    Stephensocks2Month ago

    Skeppy does the overworld side Me woundering why he used crimson wood a nether block

  • Da Boss
    Da BossMonth ago

    Omg building challanhe with badboyhalo and you troll him by doing the //cut on his side to make it look like he didnt do anything when you go to look!!!!

  • andrew vaiz
    andrew vaizMonth ago

    7-5=2*5=10 and 60/10=6

  • Chase Wiley

    Chase Wiley

    22 days ago

    divison and mutiplication from left to right

  • Guanjie Xiong

    Guanjie Xiong

    Month ago

    i was just gonna comment this

  • Tanner Brooks
    Tanner BrooksMonth ago


  • Julie Adams
    Julie AdamsMonth ago

    Its seven

  • Alexander Johnson
    Alexander JohnsonMonth ago

    You changed the front video cover

  • iplayuya1
    iplayuya1Month ago

    Where is the badboyhalo video

  • Mohammad Essa
    Mohammad EssaMonth ago

    6:28 me dying with laughter 🤣

  • Mining Maniac
    Mining ManiacMonth ago


  • Raul Alvarez
    Raul AlvarezMonth ago

    Am I the only one who noticed how skeppy used nether blocks?

  • ItsSqm
    ItsSqmMonth ago

    Skeppy is the man, he made my childhood and is still doing it. Thanks.

  • SoleScorpion
    SoleScorpionMonth ago

    I thought this was a new video after seeing a different thumbnail on it only to find out I already watched it when it was published 😂

  • Winterlude Music
    Winterlude MusicMonth ago

    When the thumbnail changes-

  • Alicecraft Games シ︎
    Alicecraft Games シ︎Month ago


  • Rosie Harriet Latchford

    Rosie Harriet Latchford

    Month ago


  • Colorsift
    ColorsiftMonth ago

    its pemdas and the answer is 6, idk if im right but thats what i got

  • สมพร นามวิชัย
    สมพร นามวิชัยMonth ago


  • Aisya Sebille
    Aisya SebilleMonth ago

    Title: Nether vs overworld escape room build battle Skeppy: **Builds a random multicolor escape room like what a kid would build**

  • Ryan Lange
    Ryan LangeMonth ago

    PEMDOS you start with what’s in parentheses, then multiply, then divide. The correct answer is six😂

  • Omar Ragab
    Omar RagabMonth ago

    The math problem answer is fourteen..

  • Epic Sans
    Epic SansMonth ago

    Captain puffy is girl or boy?

  • Xard


    Month ago

    She is bi so pretty much any pronouns

  • Epic Sans

    Epic Sans

    Month ago


  • Kelp


    Month ago


  • Caleb
    CalebMonth ago

    it actually is 6 not 24 following pemdas

  • Chase Wiley

    Chase Wiley

    22 days ago

    division and multiplication from left to right

  • games4dums
    games4dumsMonth ago

    its pemdas

  • Kristin Maaskamp
    Kristin MaaskampMonth ago


  • Gillian Millar
    Gillian MillarMonth ago

    Bruhhhhhh it’s 6

  • Chase Wiley

    Chase Wiley

    22 days ago

    division and multiplication from left to right

  • Sophia Kuhn
    Sophia KuhnMonth ago

    60/5(7-5) is 6 not 24 how did he get 24

  • Stuart Winston

    Stuart Winston

    18 days ago

    @Sophia Kuhn no your right if you follow pemdas rule

  • Sophia Kuhn

    Sophia Kuhn

    22 days ago

    @Chase Wiley ah i see my mistake

  • Chase Wiley

    Chase Wiley

    22 days ago

    division and multiplication from left to right

  • Malacar Zude
    Malacar ZudeMonth ago

    Everybody be vibin til puffy bring both of her sons to make an escape room

  • Not_Dave
    Not_DaveMonth ago

    Not enough views?Change the thumbnail!

  • iZeSW
    iZeSWMonth ago

    4:45 answer is 6

  • iZeSW


    22 days ago

    @Chase Wiley parentheses first

  • Chase Wiley

    Chase Wiley

    22 days ago

    division and multiplication from left to right

  • Mesafullking
    MesafullkingMonth ago

    Skeppy doesn't troll women he's a simp

  • weliquin
    weliquinMonth ago

    am I the only one who noticed the thumbnal change--

  • Caleb Mallari
    Caleb MallariMonth ago

    Are you a king diamond

  • Jaxson Galliah
    Jaxson GalliahMonth ago

    I subbed and you should to :)

  • Menno Lamme
    Menno LammeMonth ago

    Your character on thumbnail looks a little bit like AMOG US

  • Dream Team
    Dream TeamMonth ago

    Thumbnail is good than before

  • Mary Wasmund
    Mary WasmundMonth ago

    1 1 1 1 1

  • Mary Wasmund
    Mary WasmundMonth ago


  • DragonFart
    DragonFartMonth ago

    whos here since the thumbnail changed

  • Margie Martinez
    Margie MartinezMonth ago

    is it just me or did he change the thumbnail

  • Miriam Martinez

    Miriam Martinez

    Month ago

    It look nice

  • Twomanynames


    Month ago

    yeah i saw it

  • Qwer Tyu
    Qwer TyuMonth ago


  • That one gamer Laz
    That one gamer LazMonth ago


  • Sumaya Omer
    Sumaya OmerMonth ago

    ok 60/5(7-5) first step subrtact 7-5 you get 2 ok now you have 60/5(2) multiply 60/10 EQUALS 6

  • Chase Wiley

    Chase Wiley

    22 days ago

    division and multiplication from left to right

  • Andrei Angelian
    Andrei AngelianMonth ago

    The answer is actually 6

  • Chase Wiley

    Chase Wiley

    22 days ago

    division and multiplication from left to right

  • Michael Ian
    Michael IanMonth ago

    skeppy according to actual math the answer to your math question is 6 because your supposed to solve the parentheses THEN u multiply lmao i swear if that was a joke i fell for it

  • Alenima
    AlenimaMonth ago

    bestie the answer was supposed to be 6 :)

  • Chase Wiley

    Chase Wiley

    22 days ago

    division and multiplication from left to right

  • bilguun Bayarsaikhan
    bilguun BayarsaikhanMonth ago

    Ye Its better Then Skeppy

  • Celine Liu
    Celine LiuMonth ago

    I am pretty Good in redstone

  • Bois Lolol
    Bois LololMonth ago

    Skeppy: 60/5(7-5) = 24 Bodmas:Hello there skeppy you have to learn about me agian

  • Elisha Reign
    Elisha ReignMonth ago

    Who else saw the thumbnail changed?

  • fahri agung
    fahri agungMonth ago

    16:00 lol 🤣

  • n0_nAme
    n0_nAmeMonth ago

    some one else see this or im just wierd 15:21

  • kion
    kionMonth ago

    dude tricked me into thinking this was a new vid with the new thumbnail lol

  • Souhail abbad
    Souhail abbadMonth ago


  • Fun Time Freedy Xd
    Fun Time Freedy XdMonth ago

    This thumb nail changed

  • Nino lahiff Ramba
    Nino lahiff RambaMonth ago

    Yo he changed thumbnail

  • Akash Krishnan
    Akash KrishnanMonth ago

    New thumbnail is amazing