Skeppy vs BadBoyHalo House Build Battle! - Minecraft

Skeppy vs BadBoyHalo Build-Off in the SKY!

Today BadBoyHalo and I are playing Minecraft and having a build-off competition in the SKY. Yes, seriously. I built a wall in the sky and decided we would battle it out for eternal glory. I hate when Bad questions these challenges because I just want to have fun with my best friend is that too much to ask? Not gonna lie I do miss him when he is not around. Anyway I was born ready for this challenge, I am the King of building let's be real. These videos are always so hilarious and enjoyable to make with Bad so if you enjoyed please hit this video with a like and we'll do more fun challenges like these :D

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of the Minecraft

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  • Starburstytgaming Roblox
    Starburstytgaming Roblox3 hours ago

    If it’s up

  • Brian Corrupted file
    Brian Corrupted file2 days ago

    “The most wholesome video comes after the most cursed of them all.” - Sun Tzu, the art of peace

  • Spirit Of A Wolf
    Spirit Of A Wolf3 days ago

    Day 2 (June 21th, Monday, 2021) Of watching my new favorite USplanrs. It started with an animation of you 2 on USplan shorts which was very sad. Now, y'all have to be the greatest USplanrs ever.



  • Y/N_Not_Here
    Y/N_Not_Here4 days ago

    Simp skeppy-

  • Jo By
    Jo By4 days ago

    Behold, a rare instance of Skeppy not trolling Cherish it, for it may not last

  • ImNotOof
    ImNotOof5 days ago

    Here before Skeppy changes the thumbnail 2 more times

  • Custome meme maker[No memes yet]
    Custome meme maker[No memes yet]5 days ago

    This looks like a cursed ship of bbh and skeppy bc like- Ya’ll get it:C It reminds me

  • fin finnly
    fin finnly6 days ago

    Ello me

  • FeelingInfinitesimal
    FeelingInfinitesimal7 days ago

    I'm smiling so hard rn

  • SÆD
    SÆD8 days ago

    You know it's a wholesome video when bad's in it

  • Maria Harrison
    Maria Harrison8 days ago

    Skeppy is noob because he was trying to make a big tree but you have to put 4 tree thing. ( i forgot how to spell it )

  • Eric Donaldson

    Eric Donaldson

    6 days ago

    ur the noob u can’t do that with oak

  • Betty Berlian
    Betty Berlian8 days ago

    Is ur real name Zach or Zack?

  • CoolCat
    CoolCat10 days ago

    Treehouse is good I like castaways

  • Jacob Arcilla
    Jacob Arcilla10 days ago

    Skeppy if ur on a flat world that’s what’s causing the mobs to go in ur house when u set it to peaceful (**which is dumb**) but it works

  • Creeper  SY
    Creeper SY10 days ago

    They are so wholesome they didn't even fight

  • Jaylen Lima
    Jaylen Lima10 days ago

    Give me the link to your server pls

  • Mokuchan Pipo
    Mokuchan Pipo11 days ago

    This is the best video ever! They are being so creative and I can not stop watching this!!!!

  • ㅤ
    11 days ago

    0:00 S: "BADBOYHALO!" B: "GEPPY!"

  • Savage Beluga
    Savage Beluga15 days ago

    Finally, a video where they are not screaming at each other!

  • Odin Stewart
    Odin Stewart16 days ago

    @faster “NO! ITS NOT”

  • Goldyyy Animated
    Goldyyy Animated17 days ago

    Skeppy And BadBoyHalo Is Cute

  • Samuel Tamuedjoun
    Samuel Tamuedjoun17 days ago

    You updated the video picture

  • David A
    David A17 days ago

    Put followers on the slab where the bed is

  • james smetham
    james smetham18 days ago

    Skeppy's build is messing with gravity

    Zehra TANRIKULU19 days ago




    19 days ago


  • PaykaChu
    PaykaChu20 days ago

    why am i scrolling to find all of the comments that skeppy hearted XD

  • Virile
    Virile20 days ago

    Badboyhalo I think is a better builder And skeppy to

  • Megan Parsons
    Megan Parsons20 days ago

    Skephalo shippers are going crazy rn and I am proud to say I am one of them 😌💅

  • emma halo
    emma halo21 day ago

    hi :D

  • MoonGamerLife
    MoonGamerLife22 days ago


  • MoonGamerLife
    MoonGamerLife22 days ago


  • MoonGamerLife
    MoonGamerLife22 days ago


  • MoonGamerLife
    MoonGamerLife22 days ago

    Is it just me or did badboyhalo say I’m not fuc- what no

  • Francesca Grieco
    Francesca Grieco22 days ago

    10:16 babby?!

  • Butterfly Fluttershy
    Butterfly Fluttershy23 days ago


  • Xempt
    Xempt24 days ago

    Only real OGs remember the old thumbnail

  • Ventor47
    Ventor4724 days ago

    Skeppy: Uses his own skull in houses The noobs who dint know about data packs: Not funny, didn’t laugh

  • sarita gururaj shetty
    sarita gururaj shetty26 days ago

    Me and skeppy both wanted tree houses when we were kids

  • sarita gururaj shetty

    sarita gururaj shetty

    26 days ago

    Love these wholesome veds

  • •°jësicå_nüggët°•
    •°jësicå_nüggët°•26 days ago

    So wholesome man 😭🤧🤗

  • Marco Machine
    Marco Machine27 days ago

    Their friendship is never gonna tear up apart

  • Krishna Rushik Nunna
    Krishna Rushik Nunna27 days ago

    Only early people know that he changed the thumbnail

  • Skylar Freecss
    Skylar Freecss27 days ago

    "this is the most wholesome video ever" really skeppy?! cant wait to watch itt

  • Thivenesh Comedy
    Thivenesh Comedy28 days ago

    Did anyone forget the sign that skeppy put behind the cobblestone

  • adam ashton
    adam ashton28 days ago

    its like war hfjbvhy bfkjgrhbkhjg

  • • h o n e y l u v s
    • h o n e y l u v s28 days ago

    True friendship! You should have made bbh's face on the treehouse 😂❤️

  • Jonathan Tafoya
    Jonathan TafoyaMonth ago

    Can you please make more sky house videos? I really enjoyed this one.

  • yava infosys
    yava infosysMonth ago

    skeppy: building a house with no problem also skeppy: cant build in a building competition

  • Marshyenzi Dela Cruz
    Marshyenzi Dela CruzMonth ago

    **Skeppy puts no roof in bedroom** me: what happens when it rains in the dark :/

  • nnioop nnioop
    nnioop nnioopMonth ago

    Resons to get freinds Exhibit A

  • Jonathan Mankovsky Hult
    Jonathan Mankovsky HultMonth ago

    Why didnt I get this in my recommended when it got released...

  • Fire
    FireMonth ago

    Missed opportunity to put Chicago IL on the side of the mailbox

  • Victor Burgos

    Victor Burgos

    Month ago


  • Makayla Taylor
    Makayla TaylorMonth ago

    Acc bff s eh mdk aww this is so cute uwu

  • Elliezsimp
    ElliezsimpMonth ago


  • hxney cxzy
    hxney cxzyMonth ago


  • T E P H
    T E P HMonth ago

    I was so sad that bbh did not see the sign on the back ❤

  • Family Kightlinger
    Family KightlingerMonth ago

    Rip sleepy treehouse

  • Sasha Vasquez
    Sasha VasquezMonth ago


  • Otter 0708
    Otter 0708Month ago


  • DaRth
    DaRthMonth ago

    Bbh never found the sign ):

  • Ezy Mic Gaming
    Ezy Mic GamingMonth ago

    did I see something which I was not supposed to? especially the end part

  • Andhika Storm
    Andhika StormMonth ago

    Literally you win because you change the name of the treehouse Skeppy😂

  • Le Emmy Honk
    Le Emmy HonkMonth ago

    Imagine getting pinned by skeppy Imagine

  • Drity pro
    Drity proMonth ago

    Put a face cam skeppy

  • Baby Boss
    Baby BossMonth ago


  • Aisara Faraheen
    Aisara FaraheenMonth ago

    I heard ‘baby come here’ at 10:17 but I’m sure he’s saying something else instead 🙂

  • Aisara Faraheen
    Aisara FaraheenMonth ago

    Did I hear ‘baby’ at 10:17

  • Aisara Faraheen
    Aisara FaraheenMonth ago

    Did I hear ‘baby’ at 10:17

  • Jeff oh
    Jeff ohMonth ago

    Im sorry skeepy but badboyhalo won

  • NetteYT
    NetteYTMonth ago

    when skeppy made the tree of life it like remind me of the movie of the Book of Life lol

  • Yoshi Gaming
    Yoshi GamingMonth ago

    I ship it

  • kimani anderson
    kimani andersonMonth ago

    10:15 What did badboyhalo say O-O

  • Liviu Beresescu
    Liviu BeresescuMonth ago

    Yo,skeppy’s house at the bottom looked like the “do not disturb”house

  • J Goofy
    J GoofyMonth ago

    10:16 ✨ yw;)

  • ????
    ????Month ago

    Imagine everything without the editing

  • darshan choudhary
    darshan choudharyMonth ago

    2:43 ooh that's soo cute voice

  • Timothy James Albano
    Timothy James AlbanoMonth ago

    I thought it was a new vid but the thumbnail changed

  • Hagan Ali
    Hagan AliMonth ago

    Thats right, know just thats right, know i will just yeah don't and the get no, ha!ha!

  • ii_dream_ll
    ii_dream_llMonth ago

    1:01 erm

  • Arnav pramod
    Arnav pramodMonth ago


  • Gankhuyag Khassuuri
    Gankhuyag KhassuuriMonth ago

    skeppy:this viedo is wholesome the intro: *SREAMS AT ECHOTHER*

  • TheLegendOfYoutubeRs Papi
    TheLegendOfYoutubeRs PapiMonth ago


  • Christian Puddester
    Christian PuddesterMonth ago

    Skeppy go in to 1.16.5 and the port number is 54879

  • Christian Puddester
    Christian PuddesterMonth ago

    good Skeppy

  • Enriqueta P. Abellanosa
    Enriqueta P. AbellanosaMonth ago


  • ItzPanther
    ItzPantherMonth ago

    There friendship is like moto and patlu cartoon show

  • Beth Goodwin
    Beth GoodwinMonth ago

    This is actually one of my favourite videos of them just because from the start it was pure and they both tried really hard and then they made houses for each other and it lead to it becoming even more pure!! I want their friendship!!! 💕

  • Justin Tran
    Justin TranMonth ago

    I like how you didn’t even put structure support to most of the house

  • Felix DD
    Felix DDMonth ago

    grian after seeing skeppy win without giving the build supports: confused screaming

  • Tyey Gaming
    Tyey GamingMonth ago

    Is there a skeppy video without badboyhalo in the title?😂

  • Yoshi Gaming

    Yoshi Gaming

    Month ago

    every video with the word "kids" in it

  • SkyN1ck
    SkyN1ckMonth ago

    omg their friendship is unseperable

  • Amanda & Willow plays
    Amanda & Willow playsMonth ago

    Lmao, skeppy tried to be nice back so he changed it to bbh’s treehouse xdd

  • Shadow Games
    Shadow GamesMonth ago

    I loved BBH's when I first saw it but then when I saw the Skeppy one I was like ''now this is better!'' 😀😀

  • Dirt boy
    Dirt boyMonth ago

    My house burnt but I had a tree house

  • Satisfaction 101
    Satisfaction 101Month ago

    3:49 he said would when he typed wood lol

  • NinjaGamingDH
    NinjaGamingDHMonth ago


  • Rhiannon Padgett
    Rhiannon PadgettMonth ago

    It's so modern

  • fatema anwar
    fatema anwarMonth ago

    what about the hidden message

  • Alexie
    AlexieMonth ago

    Bbh thinking he is fast in the start but skeppy i has almost 4

  • Alexie


    Month ago

    4 floors

  • ZoeyDraws
    ZoeyDrawsMonth ago

    This is honestly the most wholesome build battle I've ever seen