So I Used a VOICE CHANGER on BadBoyHalo To Troll Him...

So I Used a VOICE CHANGER on BadBoyHalo To Troll Him...
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  • laama super
    laama super27 minutes ago

    The intro was better than dreams music video

  • Evil zero plays
    Evil zero playsHour ago

    I loved the intro it was funny tbh

  • Evelyn2 Valerie
    Evelyn2 ValerieHour ago

    This just a love hate relationship

  • Carlvin Seth Apalisoc
    Carlvin Seth ApalisocHour ago

    i love the song

  • its sudhanshu
    its sudhanshu2 hours ago

    Just watch full video 1 time and then second time just watching the intro only

  • Kasumi_ruu ☆彡
    Kasumi_ruu ☆彡2 hours ago

    0:00 EPIC INTRO!!!

  • Reny Mariska
    Reny Mariska3 hours ago

    Skeppy:*singing* BadBoyhalo:*FREAKING OUT AND SCREAMING AAHHHJJ*

  • Trisha
    Trisha3 hours ago

    That intro thooo

  • Tiky likes cookiys
    Tiky likes cookiys5 hours ago

    Epic song

  • •°~Tubbo~°•
    •°~Tubbo~°•5 hours ago


  • Dolls designer
    Dolls designer10 hours ago

    Love the intro 👌👌👌

  • Harry mate
    Harry mate16 hours ago

    Love the music video

  • Mahin Nabi
    Mahin Nabi22 hours ago

    Skeppyu dosent have a real ssisssssststttteeeererrrr

  • aerobox
    aerobox22 hours ago

    I love when badboyhalo screamssss

  • aerobox
    aerobox22 hours ago

    Only the vibration is anoyying

  • Crizah Mondilla
    Crizah Mondilla23 hours ago

    Haha haha blh are funny

  • killer queen
    killer queenDay ago

    I love your song

  • MrSmiley
    MrSmileyDay ago

    The first minutes of the cid is just skeppy being a auto tuned quack

  • Ilihia K
    Ilihia KDay ago

    He's so funny

  • Maddie playz games
    Maddie playz gamesDay ago

    *rocking into the intro* “ I AM TROLLING bAdBoYhAlooooooooo”

  • Katie Locke
    Katie LockeDay ago

    What is that intro🤣🤣

  • princess justin
    princess justinDay ago

    bruh could have gave it to me

  • A Shrimp
    A ShrimpDay ago

    The intro just hits different

  • Pro
    ProDay ago

    0:10That was a cool music

  • Commander
    CommanderDay ago

    *he do be rappin doe*

  • crixusEmily crixus K xxx
    crixusEmily crixus K xxxDay ago

    Noce rapping 😎

  • Shoyt
    ShoytDay ago

    0:00 *Ur rap is so good bro*

  • Is Sanchez
    Is SanchezDay ago

    I love watching this video its so funny i cracked up

  • Sundaecones
    SundaeconesDay ago

    I really wonder what bbh s expression was

  • Sundaecones
    SundaeconesDay ago

    Petition for him to use that intro in every video

  • Sanjana Hephzibah
    Sanjana Hephzibah2 days ago

    now that is what i call a intro

  • WishingStar Kyla
    WishingStar Kyla2 days ago

    My ears it was at full volume

  • Samia Lauren Clarin
    Samia Lauren Clarin2 days ago

    11:38 funny

  • Summiyah Rana
    Summiyah Rana2 days ago


  • Summiyah Rana
    Summiyah Rana2 days ago

    The intro was awesome

  • TIFFANY Hubbs
    TIFFANY Hubbs2 days ago

    I LOVE THE INTRO!!!!!!

  • Kurt Walton
    Kurt Walton2 days ago

    Like the intro it’s a music video

  • FlamingBowser279
    FlamingBowser2792 days ago

    gotta be my favourite vid

  • Meka Harper
    Meka Harper2 days ago

    Whoever gave this man autotune is a legend and I want all of his intros to be like this

  • kevin
    kevin2 days ago


  • Stephanie Robert
    Stephanie Robert2 days ago


  • SharpSpear Gaming
    SharpSpear Gaming2 days ago

    I was legit watching this vid when he hit 5 mil exactly lol 😂

  • Hamza Alashek
    Hamza Alashek2 days ago

    Bbh says skeepy’s siter fat : 5:23

    HUZAIMI_ CS2 days ago

    What app is that

  • mueeha
    mueeha2 days ago

    the intro is the best

  • [Ùçhìhå ńôvèlÿń]
    [Ùçhìhå ńôvèlÿń]2 days ago

    The intro hit me soooooo hard Especialy when he seid ''I love you guys,BYE!! Masterpiece 👌

  • A ᎥS Ŧ卄乇 legendary alphabet
    A ᎥS Ŧ卄乇 legendary alphabet3 days ago


  • Not_abbys_gaming bg
    Not_abbys_gaming bg3 days ago

    I love how badboyhalo is raging lol

  • Not_abbys_gaming bg
    Not_abbys_gaming bg3 days ago

    Yayyyy new song and intro song

  • Sanai S
    Sanai S3 days ago

    Not badboyhalo going crazy 💀✋🏽

  • Sanai S

    Sanai S

    3 days ago

    badboyhalo just looking like wtf is happening 💀✋🏽

  • Jarl Vabjorn
    Jarl Vabjorn3 days ago

    any recommendations for a voice changer app to trolls with friends? (Legit app)

  • IamNotSuperStar
    IamNotSuperStar3 days ago

    That intro lol

  • I’m Lonely And Need Friends
    I’m Lonely And Need Friends3 days ago

    I’ve seen this so many times and I’m still dying lol

  • robot
    robot3 days ago

    Badboyhalo has troll hahahah

  • Booppepmep Mooppopmop
    Booppepmep Mooppopmop3 days ago

    Legend says that this video was acttely a a music video INTRO WAS THE BEST YO

  • The Browns Family Fun!
    The Browns Family Fun!3 days ago

    All those raps are pretty good

  • Nether princess
    Nether princess3 days ago

    The part when you changin your voce and BBH is doing something in the backround.

  • Karim Ayman
    Karim Ayman3 days ago

    Haha that was so funny

  • KC's World ⭐️
    KC's World ⭐️3 days ago

    So funny

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson3 days ago

    Badboyhalo best thing to do is SHUT UP no worries its a tip :)

  • MoonWolf Army
    MoonWolf Army3 days ago

    I cant stop laughing at this, this is a masterpiece 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nirek
    Nirek3 days ago

    Love this intro

  • Paigel Seth Dela Cruz
    Paigel Seth Dela Cruz3 days ago

    Did you just sing for the intro

  • Grickward Snufa
    Grickward Snufa4 days ago

    Skeppy its been 6 months when's the mixtape gonna drop 🙄

  • Andy Chai
    Andy Chai4 days ago

    As soon as I heard the word fat i died -11:11

  • King Creators
    King Creators4 days ago

    I think badboyhalo cried after he watched this video

  • XiaoxLumine
    XiaoxLumine4 days ago


  • squidy_boi
    squidy_boi4 days ago

    i am going to be laughing all night cus of that CRINGY intro

  • Melisa Serrano
    Melisa Serrano4 days ago

    i looooovee the intro tbh

  • Gamer Huskatina
    Gamer Huskatina4 days ago

    I feel like it got a little harsh…

  • Gamer Huskatina

    Gamer Huskatina

    4 days ago


  • Cid Allen De Guzman
    Cid Allen De Guzman4 days ago

    nice song ;)

  • King some Lost
    King some Lost4 days ago

    5:20 😂

  • ivy hopkins
    ivy hopkins4 days ago

    Someone:I like the intro Me: digging the intro

  • Illuminatei
    Illuminatei4 days ago

    Imagine how stressful he was While skeppy was switching And emeralds was in hes hand

  • getin freaky on a Friday day night yeah
    getin freaky on a Friday day night yeah4 days ago

    Damn that intro tho

  • MONSTER Gaming YT
    MONSTER Gaming YT4 days ago

    Why Intro Looks Like Song

  • 😎Kancer Gaming🤩
    😎Kancer Gaming🤩4 days ago

    Face reavil

    FERALCLOWNZ4 days ago

    he should've known something was up when skeppy said: _" i'm skeppy's sister."_ instead of _"i'm zak's sister."_ 👁👁 like, who has siblings that call them by their internet name?

  • peachtreestin II
    peachtreestin II4 days ago

    The intro is indeed superior.

  • Silverdragonplant
    Silverdragonplant4 days ago


  • Eclipse Smp
    Eclipse Smp4 days ago

    That intro was Lit as Ray’s birthday

  • Aesthetic
    Aesthetic4 days ago


  • Pinkey Roach
    Pinkey Roach4 days ago

    I’m so entertained I’m new 😂

  • ♥E•m•i♥
    ♥E•m•i♥4 days ago

    Hey skeppy good trolling

  • Amy Ram
    Amy Ram5 days ago

    The introl spot on

  • Stephanie Orozco
    Stephanie Orozco5 days ago

    No one: When the alcohol takes control 0-0

  • Mysecondgmrchannelplssubthx
    Mysecondgmrchannelplssubthx5 days ago

    i whish i had that voice changer

  • Briko Suave
    Briko Suave5 days ago

    I love the intro

  • Ruby_Lauren_Gamers
    Ruby_Lauren_Gamers5 days ago


  • oshane howden
    oshane howden5 days ago

    I can't stop laugh

  • Wsn A7md
    Wsn A7md5 days ago

    Lol . O.M.G. LoL.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • XxDream smp fanxX
    XxDream smp fanxX5 days ago

    From 0:00 to 1:13 was epic

  • Storm Yo-yos OFFICAL
    Storm Yo-yos OFFICAL5 days ago

    Epic intro

    SULTAN FF5 days ago

    The intro was so nice

  • Lakshya Playzz
    Lakshya Playzz5 days ago

    Best intro ever

  • Chelsea Rankin
    Chelsea Rankin5 days ago

    that intro though 10/10

  • eviltroy666
    eviltroy6665 days ago

    Littt the intro

  • iarie
    iarie5 days ago

    I am LOL 😂

  • Emilyn Aceron
    Emilyn Aceron6 days ago

    The intro is a music video🎵🎶

  • zid Kroniikz
    zid Kroniikz 6 days ago

    this gave me ptsd