So I Went UNDERCOVER as BadBoyHalo...

So I Went UNDERCOVER as BadBoyHalo...
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  • Hayech
    Hayech6 months ago

    My mom grounded me after this

  • ×°♡ Ashley ♡°×

    ×°♡ Ashley ♡°×

    9 days ago

    And then she Gave you a Slap

  • Lâm Nguyễn Đình

    Lâm Nguyễn Đình

    9 days ago


  • Oliver


    27 days ago

    Oof sorry

  • the skream

    the skream

    Month ago


  • Original Studios

    Original Studios

    Month ago

    thanks a lot for going with skeppy

  • Samuel
    SamuelHour ago

    Bro I'm dying rn I laughed sooooo muchl mao!!!!


    Bro chilll



    15 hours ago

    Srly CHILLL

    SAMUEL TEE HSIEN RONG Moe21 hour ago

    Ur mom my mom MOM

  • Ian Gabriel Silvino
    Ian Gabriel Silvino23 hours ago

    15:48 bbh: why are you listening to skeppy Hayech: he pays the bills me: XD

  • IamNotSuperStar
    IamNotSuperStar2 days ago

    The only serious skeppy video

  • Hudson Charlap
    Hudson Charlap2 days ago

    Best vid ever

  • Smashmaster2000
    Smashmaster20002 days ago


  • aftermins
    aftermins2 days ago

    skeppy: literally griefs bbh's server a lot one of his admins: does something minor to his server skeppy: *wait thats not how you're supposed to play the game*

  • Skyfari
    Skyfari2 days ago

    my ears are loving this

  • Fireking xiong
    Fireking xiong3 days ago

    Hayech trolling * Skeppy past videos* Skeppy: trolling everyone

  • Jfranco0807
    Jfranco08073 days ago

    Honestly skeppy idk why you getting so mad at him you also abuse ranks on bbh server and you getting mad at him when it’s a troll if anything this video doesn’t get that much hate

  • Aphmaue Fan12
    Aphmaue Fan123 days ago

    Hi skeepyyyyyy

  • Jhun Banico
    Jhun Banico3 days ago

    Bbh: language Me: pfftt hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Alex Roblox
    Alex Roblox3 days ago


  • Amelia Lundeen
    Amelia Lundeen4 days ago

    I sleep with a stufy every night because I am 9 years old

  • sadd vibez
    sadd vibez4 days ago

    rip my ears

  • Layla Green
    Layla Green4 days ago

    i started crying happy tears about this video it made my day 🤣

  • Cooking assignment
    Cooking assignment5 days ago

    I like cheese

  • Switch How to
    Switch How to5 days ago

    0:40 the background music

  • Khro
    Khro5 days ago

    skeppy: so i went undercover as badboyhalo Hayech: am i a joke to you

  • Thoa Nguyen
    Thoa Nguyen6 days ago


  • Thoa Nguyen
    Thoa Nguyen6 days ago


  • Lisa Teske
    Lisa Teske6 days ago

    There’s nothing wrong with sleeping with stuffed animals!! I have like twenty three boxes of them. And I’m 19 lol

  • CLON E
    CLON E6 days ago

    skeppy handled this well

  • Gustav Lindqvist
    Gustav Lindqvist7 days ago

    Why is skeppy taking this so hard. Maybe because he sleeping with a stuffed animal. This is sus.

  • Gunko Glitterz
    Gunko Glitterz7 days ago

    Alternative *title* - bbh deciding which side who should he be on and waiting for alot of mins for skeppy to be undercover as *bbh*

  • Skelagamer 17
    Skelagamer 177 days ago

    **Skeppy and BadBoyHalo fighting** Hayech listening: ;-;

  • Speqker_


    4 days ago

    he was just waiting to see if he is actually fired or not

  • Senen Avenido
    Senen Avenido8 days ago


    ISHAN CHAUDHARI8 days ago

    I don't think you should have like called his mom and do those things coz even you troll a lot and it is funny but like......YOU SHOULD GET IT

  • shan sanpedro
    shan sanpedro8 days ago

    this is insane

  • Jad Zaijan
    Jad Zaijan9 days ago


  • Aftons_muffin UwU
    Aftons_muffin UwU9 days ago

    Bout his mom is true tho XD

  • Aftons_muffin UwU
    Aftons_muffin UwU9 days ago

    Poor kid

  • cool gaming
    cool gaming10 days ago

    Looooooooooool 😂 😆 😝

  • Charles Barnes
    Charles Barnes11 days ago


  • Khloe Vuong
    Khloe Vuong11 days ago

    He shuold of say i wish i can sleep with skeepy and kiss him a good night kiss

  • bRoiLl no
    bRoiLl no11 days ago


  • TheOrangeKitten_Cat
    TheOrangeKitten_Cat11 days ago

    What wyavvsrwha wait

  • Elodie MacDonald
    Elodie MacDonald12 days ago

    Poor H

  • Dong Cece
    Dong Cece13 days ago

    Skeppy X badboyhalo!!💕💕💕❤️❤️💗

  • bunbun cao
    bunbun cao13 days ago

    i love you skepy!

  • Alex Mafia
    Alex Mafia13 days ago

    Omg it was so funny I was dying and laughing

  • Nuclear Baguette
    Nuclear Baguette14 days ago

    You're a troller Harry. 8:23

  • Lagged Out_
    Lagged Out_14 days ago

    Poor Heyech

  • Tecplayz
    Tecplayz14 days ago

    mom: I’ll give him a slap afterwards Hayech: what wot Me: *dying of laughter*

  • Cassidy & Burnette
    Cassidy & Burnette15 days ago

    His mom: Don't worry I'll give a slap after this Me: SIPS NON EXISTENT TEA

  • David Plonski
    David Plonski15 days ago

    Ohhh commander block is my server lol

  • Jaylene
    Jaylene16 days ago

    The way badboyhalo roasts you 💀

  • Erika Brock
    Erika Brock16 days ago

    How does bass voice get so deep

  • Menchie Tugade
    Menchie Tugade17 days ago

    Sleeping with stuff animals is fine your not alone

  • Puro senpai
    Puro senpai18 days ago

    This guy doesnt know how to troll He shouldn't say "im sorry", he should say that he's spreading the truth

  • Adriel Oliveras
    Adriel Oliveras19 days ago

    _"Its only funny when it happens to someone else"_ -Richard Waterson

  • Icey Cold
    Icey Cold19 days ago

    10:00 "I'll give him a slap afterwards" wot

  • chonkyl
    chonkyl19 days ago

    why was someone spamming skeppy with 69 dollars at the start of the video

  • Ųnknøwn qwq
    Ųnknøwn qwq20 days ago

    Skeppy: Things saing about Skeppy ❌ Things Saing about BaldBoyHalo ✅

  • Hour Gaming
    Hour Gaming20 days ago

    Lol Skeepy is like a teacher he seem so scared 😂

  • ItzAivanPlaysYT
    ItzAivanPlaysYT21 day ago


  • Bouchra BOSSO
    Bouchra BOSSO21 day ago

    i had a massive headache before this and i cant watch this

  • gyft
    gyft21 day ago

    Skeppy, next time make bbh say a no no word

  • gyft


    21 day ago

    a lot of times

  • FinGymPlayz
    FinGymPlayz21 day ago

    Yo to be fully honest with you skeppy, Ik you were getting stressed, But mait, It's a game, Not Life. Badboyhalo was trying to help him, Ik you love your server but chill...

  • Speedstorm03
    Speedstorm0322 days ago

    Yo, Hayech. The lesson here is: *Don't troll against Skeppy, troll WITH Skeppy.*

  • Javier Mora
    Javier Mora22 days ago

    Potato and Muffin head are the cutest insults I've ever heard.

  • CaylemD Smitm
    CaylemD Smitm22 days ago


  • TM K
    TM K22 days ago

    This is weirdchamp, skeppy is just fkin overreacting over this problem

  • ashleyangel Pinque
    ashleyangel Pinque22 days ago

    my ears broke now :')

  • starify
    starify23 days ago

    Why are you listening to him? *Bills* 15:43

  • Lucid Team
    Lucid Team23 days ago

    How sad

  • SilverStormTheSeawing
    SilverStormTheSeawing23 days ago

    why Skeppy WHY!!! :

  • Notme
    Notme23 days ago

    The fact when H said Taht about kissing posters of skeppy someone said “ME TOO” LOL

  • BlakeGamerTV
    BlakeGamerTV23 days ago

    How do you get shaders in minecraft

  • Mridul Garg
    Mridul Garg23 days ago


  • Strong Fishy
    Strong Fishy24 days ago

    5:10 its okay if you sleep with i stuffed animal because i do to i sleep with 3 of them

  • Dawson Taylor
    Dawson Taylor24 days ago

    why favourite part was -I sleep with stuffed animals and get some good night kisses and think there skeppy

  • TanzMC
    TanzMC24 days ago

    Skeppy I think you deserved more troll like you are trolling other people

  • md
    md24 days ago

    Bbh swear in this vid at just start at 17:10 until it reaches to 17:15 and the at that time he said fucker quietly

  • Lakshya India
    Lakshya India24 days ago

    And I like stuffed animals

  • Lakshya India
    Lakshya India24 days ago

    I think you got mad there

  • Delinda Naya Lisyana
    Delinda Naya Lisyana24 days ago

    HAHA lol

  • Latch P
    Latch P25 days ago

    Skeppy: he is going to be fired Hayech’s mom: why? Skeppy:..... he said I sleep with a stuffed animal

  • Aaliyah Rivera
    Aaliyah Rivera26 days ago

    Do a better job running your staff

  • 夕
    26 days ago

    his mom is so cute

  • idkwhattoputhere
    idkwhattoputhere26 days ago

    did tommyinnit edit this HAHAHA

  • Hardy Boys
    Hardy Boys26 days ago

    I hope at a later date hayech asks skeppy for permission to troll and skeppy says yes

  • WolfWarLord 16
    WolfWarLord 1627 days ago

    this was AMAZING please do more like this

  • Abner Anthony
    Abner Anthony27 days ago

    You know what is worse than suicide using headphones while putting the entire volume up and watching This video

  • Izumi Yamada
    Izumi Yamada28 days ago

    I am half way done watching this video and I swear to God you bring h is mom then I am unsubscribing

  • Izumi Yamada

    Izumi Yamada

    28 days ago

    Okkkm the end is okkkk...... hmmmmmm

  • Nitish S
    Nitish S28 days ago

    The first time sleepy has not asked us to lick and sub

  • YaNinja WAR10CK
    YaNinja WAR10CK28 days ago

    skeppy likes trolling. but cant stand somebody trolling him. what a f***ing loser lol

  • Brandon Diaz
    Brandon Diaz29 days ago

    He should of said he sleeps with skeepy plushies

  • LittleSisterSummer
    LittleSisterSummer29 days ago

    When badboyhalo Said:WHY ARE YOU LISTING TO SKEPPY! ME:Bc you did it frist xD🤣🤣

  • naruto animefan
    naruto animefanMonth ago

    Skeppy was caping avout sleepung with a teddy

  • William G
    William GMonth ago

    Hahahahahahaha slept you are a Genius😂😂😂😂

  • ꧁`》• ღ『MysticsWayxシ』ღ •《` ꧂
    ꧁`》• ღ『MysticsWayxシ』ღ •《` ꧂Month ago

    *Skephalo* ✨✨✨

  • Undosya
    UndosyaMonth ago

    Skeppy: oh no his trolling me Skeppy in his mind: Yes content yes

  • R3qu1n
    R3qu1nMonth ago

    skeppy: ur abusing ur rank also skeppy: lets troll people and keyall!

  • Lisa Beasley
    Lisa BeasleyMonth ago

    🧿🧿 ⭕️⭕️

  • Lisa Beasley
    Lisa BeasleyMonth ago

    FUN 🎈🎊🪅🎁

  • Lisa Beasley
    Lisa BeasleyMonth ago

    🖥 ⌨️

  • Lisa Beasley
    Lisa BeasleyMonth ago